Seaguar Leader Line Abrasion Test (Blue Label vs. Red Label)


It’s leader line testing time again…

After the last leader line test got a ton of comments (you can see it here), I decided to test out the Blue Label vs Red Label leader line from Seaguar.

As you probably know, Seaguar makes some great leader line and has different types (and costs) of lines.

I’ve personally been curious if the Blue Label leader line is really that much stronger (aka abrasion resistant) as they claim.

So I put it up to my own test.


Note: Salt Strong is not affiliated with any fishing line company

The Seaguar Leader Line Test

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Were you surprised at the results of this independent Seaguar line test?

Anything you want to me to change up?

Any other lines or brand names you want me to test out?

Let me know in the comments.

Fish On!

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Christopher O'Rourke
4 years ago

I had seaguar blue 20lb test break on a redfish yesterday. I actually posted a pic to salt strong insider fb page of the red. I just started using seaguar and I really dont think its all that great. So I did some testing of my own in fact cheap brand 20lb is stronger than seaguar 25lb.

Ken Pawlowski
4 years ago

How about vs Seaguar Premier?

Keith Donald
4 years ago

I use P Line Shinsei Leader based on my review of an independent line test Sports Magazine performed a few years back that showed lower stretch and higher PSI (breaking strength) relative to other brands like Seaguar and Yozuri (not sure how those two factors relate exactly to abrasion resistance though, line diameter also seems important there.) I also like the smaller size spool for taking with me on the board. Would be interested to see how it compares in your tests as a “100% Flourocarbon crystal” line.

Gary Rankel
4 years ago

I am still concerned that the red may be less transparent than the blue. Wonder what C.A. thinks about this?

jerry tansky
4 years ago

In all honesty considering the price difference, and knot tying, IMO red won by a mile

Ron Mahoney
4 years ago

Great way to test claims. Seaugar doesn’t say how much more abrasion resistant, so though a slight amount, the blue label seems to justify the claim. I agree with Neal below about softer is easier to tie knots. Now I have another test for you: the most abrasion resistant mainline I have ever encountered, mainly in big, swift, rocky rivers for king salmon is Maxima Chameleon. Its softer, less touted for abrasion companion is Maxima Ultragreen. I am convinced that the Maxima Chameleon will outperform Seaguar Blue Label in your abrasion test, though it does not have the primary quality of being invisible to fish. However, when yanking grouper out of the rocks I wonder if visibility is that big a factor or just what the visibility of the Chameleon is. Doesn’t matter for the big abrasion test though, do it Joe!

Steven Dimarco
4 years ago

You think you can do the test with a copolymer vs fluorocarbon

Neal Snyder
4 years ago

These unbiased tests are at the very least entertaining to watch. Maybe the softer red label line , knots are easier to tie and snug down.


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