Toadfish Inshore Fishing Rod Review [Top Pros & Cons]


It’s rod review time!

As far as rods and reels go, the more important of the two is definitely the rod.

The rod is what allows you to make long, accurate casts and set the hook.

The rod absorbs a lot of the pressure the fish put on your line.

And, if you have a monster fish at the boat suddenly decide she wants to take off under the boat, you better hope your rod is strong enough to handle that sudden burst and not snap.

I’ve been using this Toadfish rod a lot recently and many of you have asked about it, so I decided to create this review.

And since we’re not affiliated with Toadfish or any other company, you can be sure that this is a completely honest and unbiased review.

Ready to see the top pros and cons of the Toadfish inshore fishing rod?

Watch the video below.

Toadfish Rod Review [VIDEO]

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This was one of the rods I was using when I recently caught an inshore slam in a new spot with just two lures, as well one of the rods I was using when my dad and I caught a ton of reds on spoons.

You can watch those two videos below:

Toadfish Rod Pros

toad inshore rod
Image Source:

Overall, Toadfish makes a great rod.

It has nice guides and a quality blank.

The rod has lots of power for bigger fish, but is also light enough that I can throw light lures.

They also have a great hook keeper, which keeps your hook out of the way.

Plus, they restore 10 square feet of oyster habitat for every rod sold (read more about oyster restoration here).

Toadfish Rod Cons

There were some things that I wasn’t a fan of with this rod, although they are largely based on my preference, and not necessarily bad features of the rod.

The first thing is that I don’t love the weight of it.

Specifically, the weight of the handle.

The blank is light and strong, but most of the weight is in the handle, and since I make hundreds of casts each trip, every ounce (even half ounce!) matters.

The other thing I don’t love is that this rod only comes in a split-grip option.

I prefer full grips more, but like I said, this is based on my preference.


toadfish rod review

Here’s a link to the Toadfish website again:

Have you used this rod before?

Do you have any pros or cons that I didn’t mention?

Let me know in the comments below!

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4 months ago

what is the overall weight of these rods

Chris Miller
8 months ago

I’m really interested in the 7’2 M rod but my concern is the “heavy handle” every talks about. I wanted a new rod that is really light for wading out and casting artificials. Should I wait until TFO is in stock? I mean how much heavier is the butt than st croix rods?

Matthew Kaufman
8 months ago
Reply to  Chris Miller

I have that rod in a MH and love it. With a Penn Battle 3000, it’s actually slightly forward heavy. With a Daiwa BG 3500… Perfect balance. I’m going for the medium weight next, but also thinking on TFO. I have been fishing their fly rods for several years and never went back to Sage after the 1st.

Glenn Morron
11 months ago

Just bought a 5’11” sheepshead pole from Toad Fish. Was wondering if anyone could suggest a spinning reel that will compliment this set up? I’m going to be using the pole mostly for kayak fishing.

Randy Boetzel
8 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

What is that blue and black reel you use on your toadfish rod

john masters
1 year ago

got my second one today. the shipping package is amazing. nothing can get to the rod. already had 7’4. got the 7’6 med heavy today. what stores carry these rods? they just cancelled florida sportsman show in ft. myers and i had planned to get more. love the balance and light weight

Ryan Sherr
1 year ago
Reply to  john masters

I know Precision Tackle in Spring Hill carries them — I’ve bought 3 so far!

1 year ago

Hi Luke,
I have the toad 7’ 2” that you demonstrated to be used on the beach for scup, flounder, mackerel, bluefish, later this year off the Mass/RI beaches .
My question is they have the 7’ 6” rod 10-50# braid and up to 1 oz? Wgt. What is this telling me if I want to target 20/25# Stripers at night with a 2 oz lure or a combo pop ‘n cork with a porgy chunk ? TU

Tommy Delcambre
2 years ago

Is a 7’ MH fast action rod a good choice for fishing reds and specs? Looking for something that has back bone but is sensitive and will allow long cast without too much effort.
Btw, what is your opinion on one piece versus two piece rods?

Ryan Sherr
1 year ago

Too heavy. Go with the 7’4″ ML XF or the 7’2″ M XF for reds and specs – the 7’2″ M XF is my fav all around option.

Matthew Kaufman
8 months ago
Reply to  Ryan Sherr

I agree. I have the MH. It’s great, but overkill. I have to say that the sensitivity is impressive and it’s got backbone for days. It’s just not as fun. Bull Reds are like minnows on it. Like cheating. I’m going lighter also…

4 months ago

Can you throw a 1 oz. spoon on the 7’2″ M? Rod says rated up to 3/4oz

Gary Rankel
2 years ago

I like the hook keeper, but need the lightest rod I can find.

Steven Carter
2 years ago

Where do you put this rod compared vs TFO and GLoomis offerings?


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