How To Get Your Wife To Love Fishing As Much As You Do


Have you ever been in this scenario?

It’s Friday night and you’re planning out your weekend.

You check the forecast for Saturday morning and the winds are calm, the tides are just right, and even better…

The Strike Score is a 9.5!

It’s the perfect day to go fishing.

But while you’re checking the Strike Score on your phone, your wife is talking about all the fun things she wants to do on Saturday.

It breaks your heart to tell her you’ll be gone until noon, but you can’t miss out on a 9.5 Strike Score day.

She’ll have to do all those fun things she wants to do with you, there’s just no other option…

Or is there?

Remember When You Learned How To Fish?

Who taught you how to fish?

Your dad?

Your grandpa?

Your friend?

Chances are, it was someone you looked up to, or at least identified with…

Now think about your wife.

Where did she learn to fish?

Was it someone she looked up to and identified with?

If not, it’s no wonder she doesn’t like fishing!

But bringing families together is part of our mission at Salt Strong, so here’s what we did…

Introducing The First Online Fishing Course For Women Taught By A Woman

leiza fitzgerald snook

We teamed up with the legendary Capt. Leiza Fitzgerald to create the first inshore fishing course for women, taught by a woman.

We know that many women prefer to be taught by women (like many men prefer to be taught by men), so here’s an opportunity for women to learn the great sport of fishing from someone they can identify with, and look up to.

Leiza isn’t out there in a tiny bikini, showing off her unrealistic body more than her fish.

She’s a real woman, who catches real big fish.

And she’s pretty incredible…

She was the #1 ranked female angler before she retired and started working with CCA, an organization dedicated to the conservation of our habitat and fisheries.

And she’s spoken at many seminars educating people about how to catch more fish.

Bottom line: Leiza knows her stuff and is sharing it all with you in Inshore Fishing 101.

Here’s Why Moms Need To Know How To Fish

We mentioned earlier that part of our mission here at Salt Strong is to unite families through fishing, and helping husbands and wives spend more time on the water is one way to do that.

But another way to do that is through moms and their children fishing together.

In a recent podcast episode, I learned a very surprising stat:

  • More children these days go fishing for the first time with their moms, not their dads.

And if moms don’t know how to fish, how are they going to teach their kids?

Here’s another stat:

  • When a child fishes before the age of 12 they’re likely to remain an angler for the rest of their lives, but if they’ve never fished before the age of 12, they’re likely to never become an angler.

Anglers are the ones saving our fisheries and coastal environments, so it’s important that children are getting out there fishing, otherwise, our environment is in trouble.

So putting together the facts that moms are teaching their kids how to fish, and kids need to fish before the age of 12 to become lifelong anglers, and anglers are the ones who are saving our environment

We can conclude that moms can save the world through fishing.

But in order to do that, they need to know how to fish, which is all the more reason why we partnered with Leiza to create Inshore Fishing 101.

Inshore Fishing 101

leiza fitzgerald trout

In this online fishing course Leiza talks about:

  • How to find feeding fish quickly, so you can maximize your time on the water
  • The exact equipment you need, so you can save money by only getting what works (and avoid getting what doesn’t)
  • How to strategically plan your fishing trip (this will help you catch lots of fish, fast!)
  • How to tie the best fishing knots so you never lose a fish because of a weak knot
  • The best lures for snook, redfish, and trout
  • And loads more!


leiza fitzgerald redfish

If you wish your wife or girlfriend liked fishing as much as you do, get her Inshore Fishing 101.

It’s taught by a relatable, outstanding female angler who knows her stuff.

It’s free to all Insider members, so you can join the Insider Club here, or if you’re not a member, get the course here.

Have any questions about getting the woman in your life interested in fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who wishes their wife or girlfriend loved fishing as much as they did, TAG or SHARE this with them.

P.S. Get Inshore Fishing 101 here.

Wish your girlfriend or wife would fish with you more?

Then she needs to check out Inshore Fishing 101 (For Women)!

In this course taught by Capt. Leiza Fitzgerald, she’ll learn everything she needs to know to successfully catch redfish, snook, and trout.

It’s free for Insider Members, or you can get the course here.

Click here to get Inshore Fishing 101 (For Women)


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