How to Make Fishing Your Full-Time Job [with Catch Em All Fishing]


Would you like to have a full-time fishing job?

I think most hardcore fishermen dream about being able to fish every day to make a living.

This may be a dream for some, but there are others out there who have figured out how to turn their passion for fishing into a career.

Catch Em All Fishing

Our podcast guest today – Zak Catchem – has done just that with his YouTube fishing channel: Catch Em All Fishing.

Zak has over 732,000 followers on his youtube channel, where he runs around Miami and other parts of Florida catching everything from swordfish and tarpon to peacock bass and piranha (yes, piranha in South Florida ponds and canals).

Zak has found the way to monetize his content and is using it to open up a plethora of business opportunities to further his full-time fishing career.

In this podcast episode, Zak goes over how he has turned his fishing content in a business and covers topics such as:

  • How to build a following on YouTube and social media
  • The importance of unique fishing content
  • Leveraging your content to open new business doors

Check out this video of Zak catching a whooper tarpon off the beach from a kayak:

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What are your favorite fishing channels on YouTube? Do you have your own channel?

Let me know in your comments below!

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How to Build Your Fishing Business

Zak has been able to build a career out of his fishing endeavors by creating content people want to watch and by building a following of fans.

He was able to share how he’s had success starting his career and how you can do it too. Check out the tips below to help you build your own fishing business:

  1. Come up with a business plan – This is the first step with any business. Come up with a short and long-term business plan to get keep you organized and focused on the things that are going to make your business successful. For Zak, he first showed people he was a good angler through his social media channels and then joined YouTube to build his following further and to house his content.
  2. Have unique content – There are so many options for great content these days that nonoriginal work will not get noticed by many people. You need to create content that no one else is putting out there. Zak does this by searching for exotic fish and fishing in ways that most people would never consider. Ask yourself, what can I show people that they’ve never seen before?
  3. Post great content often and consistently – To build a sizable following on YouTube and other media platforms, you need to be posting great content and a high rate. Zak posted new videos to his channel five-plus times a week until he had 6o videos to build his following. By putting out great content quickly and consistently, he was able to explode on the scene and own one of the most popular fishing channels on YouTube in less than a year.
  4. Leverage your content and following for other business opportunities – Although you may set out to simply build a YouTube fishing channel, having a successful following will open up other business opportunities. These opportunities include gaining sponsorships, creating other media to sell and building product lines such as apparel or fishing gear. These opportunities will give you other ways to generate income while building your brand to bigger levels.

Zak has provided a blueprint for other anglers to do what they love and to fish for a living. He says the real key is hard work and putting your time into doing the things you need to do to become successful.

Check out Zak’s YouTube channel Catch Em All Fishing here.

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Tight lines!

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3 years ago

Awesome catch

Robert Tinker
4 years ago

We like Landshark, Blacktiph, Darcizzle, Lakeforkguy,JonB. And of course Salt Strong

4 years ago

Troutsupport youtube has some killer educational content regarding artificial lure usage. Buggs Fishing is a guy tying the most beautiful bonefish/permit/tarpon/redfish jigs you’ve ever seen. If you like art, check this guy out. Glenn Madden (Proffessor Salt) makes some insane offshore kayaking videos from out of Corpus Christi, Tx. If you want adventure and a good dose of education, check him out.

Neisha Brown
4 years ago

Nice episode! Some of my favorite channels: Reeltime Florida Sportsman (my top favorite) Dearmeatfordinner, Darcizzle Offshore, Landshark Fishing, Salty Sportsman, South Florida Fishing Channel, LunkersTV, and some other ones

Carah Kablick
4 years ago

Enjoyed this podcast! Thanks, Salt ????!
Fav Fishing Channel: deermeatfordinner
Our Fishing Channel: Fishing FinAddict

4 years ago

Another great podcast! Thanks, Salt ????!
Favorite Fishing Channel: deermeatfordinner
Our Fishing Channel: Fishing FinAddict


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