Pier & Jetty Fishing: Tips & Etiquette (Podcast)

By: Joe Simonds on June 7, 2018
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Sebastian Inlet North Jetty Snook

Some of the biggest and baddest inshore and nearshore fish are taken from jetties and fishing piers.

These often overlooked fish havens can have some of the most explosive fishing action, especially piers and jetties at inlets and passes.

Piers and jetties often serve as ideal structure for ambush points for predator fish such as snook, redfish, jacks and tarpon.

This episode’s guest is a pier fishing expert — Joey Antonelli.

Joey is a Sebastian Inlet regular (he fishes it almost everyday) and runs a YouTube channel featuring insane fishing action the inlet is home to.

His YouTube channel houses countless videos of Joey catching catching 40 inch snook, bull redfish and Goliath grouper from the Sebastian Inlet jetty (as well as videos of him catching 100 pound tarpon from a paddleboard and diving with giant sharks to spearfish cobia. This dude is gnarly!).

In this episode, Joey delves into a number of different pier and jetty fishing topics, including:

  • Biggest Pier Fishing Mistakes
  • Tackle and Bait
  • How to Target Trophy-Sized Fish

Check out this video of Joey getting swept off a jetty by a wave while fighting a redfish, still landing the fish, here:

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What do you think about jetty and pier fishing? Can you be just as successful as you can in a boat?

Let me know in your comments below.

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Biggest Pier Fishing Mistakes

Joey was able to provide some great insights into the biggest mistakes that pier and jetty fisherman make, including:

  1. Not Fishing Like Your Neighbors – don’t walk up to a spot on the jetty where five people are working together fishing with one technique and try disrupt their fishing. Instead, try to match their techniques allowing everyone to fish.
  2. Not Having the Right Bait – not having the right bait can be frustrating, especially when other fisherman around you with the right bait are pulling up big fish and you’re not getting a nibble. To avoid this, call the local bait shops ahead of time to find out what the fish are keyed in on.
  3. Release Your Fish with Care – no fisherman likes floating dead fish resulting from poor release practices. Try to release your fish with care by either dropping them back in the water head first in a straight dive or in a drop net.

Following good etiquette at the pier will not only make you more welcome among the locals, but will most likely result in more fish on your lines as well.

Talk to the old timers and the guys that are at the jetty everyday. These guys have a wealth of knowledge and most of them are usually happy to share their expertise with people who are respectful.

What did you think of this episode?

Let us know in the comments.

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