7 Tips For Rigging Blue Crabs For Bull Redfish (Plus Video Proof)


Want to see the best way to rig blue crabs for monster redfish?

These reds are cruising the flats looking for an easy meal, and if a blue crab is waiting there for them, they usually can’t turn it down.

This is especially effective if they’re finicky and don’t seem to want to eat anything else.

That being said, there are some things you want to keep in mind when rigging blue crabs.

If you don’t rig them properly you could lose your crab, or, even worse, lose the fish of a lifetime.

Watch the video below for seven tips on rigging blue crabs to catch bull redfish.


Rigging Blue Crabs For Bull Redfish [VIDEO]

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What a monster red!

Here are 7 tips for when you’re rigging up blue crabs for redfish:

1. Remove the claws.

This will help you not get pinched, and make it easier for the fish to eat the crab.

2. Pinch the tips of the crab shell off.

This will make it easier for the fish to eat the crab and release scent into the water.

3. Hook them through one of their fin or leg holes.

This will decrease the odds of the hook coming out and causing you to lose your crab.

4. You can also hook them through the corner of their shell.

Hook them here and remove their legs to make them more streamlined. This is best if you’re fishing in an area with strong current.

5. Use a 4/0 or 5/0 circle hook.

If a fish is going to take a big blue crab, it’s going to be a big fish…

6. Make sure to leave the hook point exposed to get a good hook set.

If the hook is buried in the crab, you may not hook into the fish.

7. If you only have a few crabs, or there are smaller fish in the area, you can cut the crab into halves or quarters.

This will also help release maximum scent into the water.


big redfish blue crab

If you want to catch picky bull reds cruising the flats, soaking a blue crab is an excellent way to do that.

Just make sure to hold on, because these guys put up a fight!

Have any questions about rigging blue crabs?

Let me know in the comments below!

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11 months ago

Be in n

Catarina Colby
1 year ago

I’m brand new to fishing. When you say you’re “soaking” the blue crab, does that mean you’re casting it out and letting it sit, or are you casting and retrieving?

Catarina Colby
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Thank you!

Darrell Smith
1 year ago

Are you buying the crabs or do you trap a couple when fishing? Any tips on a good crab location, depth, dock, grass, bridge piling? or a trap bait for a quick pick for 2-3 of them? What are you using for a leader anyhow? Thanks for the topic and the rigging info.

Rick Daniel
1 year ago

Nice Tony! Tip for members on cutting the crab, use a cutting board. The fluids leave a stain that’s very difficult to clean after it dries.

1 year ago

Don’t be surprised if a big Snook gets the crab. Leaving the shell on protects from pickers. However, taking the shell off puts more sent in the water. I start with the shell off to get the sent going and then leave it on. Up North, Eastern Virginia Shore surf, we always used shedder crabs….killer bait.

Jeff Tryon
1 year ago

Caught two citations on my first time outing thanks to my neighbor who is a commercial fisherman.
He said “ If I was after them that’s what I’d use” BAM!

Guy Leveille
1 year ago

Thanks for putting this one together Tony! I’ve wondered “how” to rig blue crabs for Reds. I’m gonna give it a try soon.

Theresa Girolami
1 year ago

what size Rod, Reel, line, and leader would you use for these big guys

Eric Thomasson
1 year ago

Blue crabs good on the west central gulf coast around Tampa?

1 year ago
Reply to  Eric Thomasson

Yes, Blue crabs are excellent bait. Here’s two methods of fishing them. If dropping a crab out of a boat, I’ll remove the top shell. If casting, I’ve had better luck keeping a crab together on a cast by hooking it though a leg hole and then brining the hook through the bottom of the crab’s shell, instead of the top shell. Always twist a hook twist point while penetrating the shell of a crab as not to break it into pieces.

Graham Byrd
1 year ago

I fish in NC, at Bogue Inlet. What season is best and are blue crab aviable in the fall to late fall? And would reds eat it with all the bait fish in the water. Would they look at them as a delicious morsel over along with the bait fish?


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