Snook Crushes Crab Caught On Film (Proof That Snook Eat Crabs)


Ever seen a snook eat a crab?

If you asked certain inshore anglers, they’d tell you that crabs aren’t good snook bait…

That crabs are for catching redfish, black drum, tarpon, and permit…

But after fishing inshore waters for many years, we’ve seen our fair share of snook inhaling a crab on a hook… and now, we’ve finally got some proof.

This weekend we were in Ruskin at E.G. Simmons park filming some upcoming fishing tutorials, and I happened to walk down to the seawall at the ramp and saw this stud snook.

I also saw two crabs (the first one was smart enough to head deeper when it sensed the snook coming – see if you can spot him) that were right in his path.

A few seconds later, I was lucky enough to witness this big snook eat the crab right below me.

Pretty cool!

Check out the footage below.

Snook Eats Crab (With Slo-Mo)

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So the next time one of your fishing buddies says you can’t catch a nice snook on a crab show them this!

Or better yet, share this with them now.

Tight lines and best of luck out there.

P.S. – What’s the craziest fishing lure or bait that you’ve caught a snook with?

Let me know in the comments!

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Alex Ruiz
4 years ago

Awesome video! My PB Spotted Sea Trout (10 lbs and 34”) was caught on a blue crab. I was targeting Redfish but ended up hooking into a trout instead. No one believes me except for the guy that was with me.

Pablo Diaz
4 years ago

Awesome video

Russell Loucks
4 years ago

I love using blue crabs for snook around the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart. On outgoing tides certain times of the year they are easily seen just underneath the surface riding the tide. Snatch some of these crabs and free line them back towards shadow lines of the bridge or cat walk. Just about every time I hook up using this method.

Chuck Phillippi
4 years ago

awesome video. don’t see that everyday. Bout as great as catching one off your

Steven Free
4 years ago

I unfortunately dont really know alot about snook considering here in the jax st aug area we here seldom catch any but i would imagine like shrimp there are few fish species out there that would pass up a shrimp so why not a crab hell we humans love them pay high dollar for them so why wouldnt the fish eat them the anglers that say they dont are just saying that because they never caught a snook on one but you and i know that doesnt say they wont eat one i do have a question though joe you said a little while ago to someone asking about a flounder coarse and you said you guys were working on one can I ask when will it be available?

4 years ago

Been a professional fisherman almost 50yrs caught many giants on crabs

John Martin
4 years ago

is snook season open November, December and January?

roy noblin
4 years ago
Reply to  John Martin

this app is free and uses gps of smart phone to give you current rules for area you are tide has made changes but this app is updated daily

Joseph Lancaster
4 years ago

That was awesome!!! Where in Ruskin were y’all fishing? That’s been my fishing grounds for the last month and still looking for a chance to fish with you guys!

Lawrence Scaduto
4 years ago

One winter I caught a 24 inch flounder in a the Pithlachascotee River using a Rattle trap. I don’t know if they hit this lure often, but it was first and last time in that spot. Caught a bunch of snook over the years in the same place, however.

John Gauntt
4 years ago

For my brother and I, we love night fishing with half a ladyfish for trashcan size snook and tarpon! I knew tarpon loved em but was surprised when we muscled up 50 inch snook all night.


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