Hard Body Lures

Here is the homepage for tutorials, reviews, tips, and how-to’s with hard-body lures!

There are 3 main styles of hard body baits; topwater, suspending, and spoons. Explore each to earn more about how to maximize your results with different styles!

3 Easy Hacks To Become A Better Topwater Angler

What are some hacks to become a better topwater angler? Topwater fishing takes practice and putting in the time to perfect your retrieve...
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Sneaky Topwater Lure Hack To Catch More Redfish

Are you struggling to catch more redfish on topwater in early spring? You've got to check out this SNEAKY topwater lure hack that will...
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Use This Timeless Topwater Lure If You Are Struggling To Get Strikes

If you are struggling to trigger any topwater bites, then give this timeless topwater lure a try! The Rattlin' Chug Bug has been around...
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Topwater Fishing Checklist [Lures, Rods, Reels, & More]

As it is now definitely Summer with that HEAT, we figured we'd go over the Topwater Fishing Checklist!!! Do you have everything you need...
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Topwater Tournament Tactics [How I Was Able To Win]

Next time you're preparing for a tournament, remember these topwater tournament tactics! Last week, I won the first tournament I ever...
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Fastest Way To Catch Trout (Before Work)

What is the fastest way to catch trout before work? Do you need to do anything different for fishing early in the morning before work?...
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Trolling For Spanish Mackerel From A Kayak [Fishing Report]

Last week I struggled to get a bite in the midst of a Spanish Mackerel frenzy, so I decided to start trolling and see what would strike...
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Topwater VS. Twitchbait (When To Use One Over The Other)

When should you use the Salt Strong Moonwalker over the Paul Brown “Corky” Fat Boy Pro, and vice versa? Both of these lures have very...
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#1 Beach Fishing Lure That Will Catch Any Species From The Surf

THIS is hands down the #1 Beach Fishing Lure!! No matter the species or weather conditions, this lure will trigger strikes...
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Topwater VS. Swimbait At Sunrise [On-The-Water Report]

Which is the better option for sunrise flats fishing: topwater vs. swimbait? The truth is you really only need just those two types of lures...
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The Secret To Knowing When To Throw Topwater Lures

What is the SECRET to knowing when to throw topwater lures? Topwater action can create some of the most exciting and...
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The Secret To Knowing When To Throw Topwater Lures [Insider Only]

Contrary to popular belief, topwater lures can be thrown year-round with success. The secret is knowing when to turn to a topwater lure! Learn more...
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I Fished With Only Topwater Lures For A Year And This Is What I Learned

Would you have fished with only topwater lures for a year to learn more and perfect your topwater retrieve? Fishing Coach Pat Ogletree did...
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Hidden Tricks To Catch More Fish In Strong Winds

Sometimes it can be quite the struggle to catch more fish in strong winds. Even to the point where conditions are simply unfishable. But,...
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I Drove 2 Hours For Slot-Redfish Shootout [Insider Report]

I can fish the area locally to me anytime I want, so I decided it was time to make a 2-hour drive for some strange...
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