The Ultimate Redfish Tackle & Gear Bundle

This is THE Ultimate Redfish Tackle Bundle for Inshore Anglers!!!

Do you want to specifically target and catch more inshore redfish?

Then you need the proper gear first!

Check this out!!

Ultimate Redfish Tackle Bundle [VIDEO]

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The Ultimate Redfish Tackle Bundle consists of all the tackle and gear you need, the Redfish Secrets eBook, Seasonal Cheat Sheets, as well as video lessons on how to select and rig/retrieve each lure for maximum results.

In total, this bundle comes with 35 lures, 12 rigging hooks, and 11 accessories that will immediately set you up for success when it comes to catching bull redfish.

This Bundle Includes:


  • Slam Shady 2.0 Paddletails packet (7 lures – 3.5″ soft plastic)
  • Alabama Leprechaun Jerk packet (7 lures – 5″ soft plastic)
  • Slam Shady Bomber packet (7 lures – 5″ soft plastic)
  • Power Prawn USA – Original – Natural (5 lures – 4.3 ” soft plastic)
  • Power Prawn USA – Junior – Natural (7 pack – 3.5″ soft plastic)
  • Johnson Silver Minnow (1 lure – weedless spoon)
  • Moonwalker (1 lure – topwater plug)

Rigging Hooks:

  • Hoss Helix Hooks: 3/0 with 1/8th oz weight (for lures under 4″)
  • Hoss Helix Hooks: 4/0 with 1/8th oz weight (for lures over 4″)
  • Trout Eyez Jigheads (for lures over 4″)
  • Mag Shroomz Jigheads 3/16th oz (for lures over 4″)


  • Battle Rattles: 10 rattle capsules (used in soft plastics)
  • Dr. Juice Inshore Slam Scent – 1.25 ounce (used for all lures)

➡Get the Redfish Tackle Bundle

In addition to the lures and gear, you also will receive a digital copy of the Redfish Secrets eBook that is loaded full of tips and tricks that we’ve gathered over the years from professional redfish anglers and guides alike.

Also, with the help of lure tutorials and how-to videos, you will learn to effectively retrieve all of these lures to trigger strikes from hungry redfish.


The Redfish Secrets book combined with specialized lessons on the perfect redfish gear is the ultimate recipe for hooking into bull redfish quickly.

This is everything you need to understand redfish behavior and then apply it during your fishing trips.

Head over to the shop and get yourself a bundle while you can!

➡Get the Redfish Tackle Bundle

Do you have any questions about the ultimate redfish tackle bundle?

Do you think something else should be added to the bundle?

Let us know what you think down in the comments section!

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James Scarberry
1 year ago

P.S. probably won’t be purchasing bundles again. I’ll just order what I want. And I am still waiting for an answer on when the Mulligan minnow will be available? I’ve been waiting for years for a bigger slam shady minnow.Thanks J.S.🎣🤠

James Scarberry
1 year ago

Just got my package but I’m kinda disappointed because you put football head jig heads instead of the Zoom shrooms jig heads 🤷🏻‍♂️ what’s up with that? Plus a couple of the P-prawns in both packages are all twisted up! I hate football heads,really wish you would not change products without telling us. The one plus is that you sent the Aqua dream spoon in place of the silver minnow. Not mad just disappointed. Tight lines 🎣 J.S.

Carrol Bennett
1 year ago

Hey James! We are so sorry to hear this and we will be reaching out tomorrow to make this right for you! Our #1 goal is ensuring that you have a great experience. Billy, our shipping manager, will be emailing you tomorrow. Thank you for your feedback and for the opportunity to correct this for you!

Steven Burleigh
1 year ago

I tried to buy two bundles to gift them to my two grandsons but the app limited me to just one 🙁
My goal is to get them more interested in fishing an perhaps interested in joining the club.

Oh well, I can obviously buy the individual components and put together the second gift package.

Love the club and info / products it provides.


George Miller
1 year ago

Love this bundle. Will you guys ever do free shipping on orders? Like if you spend $50 you get free shipping? Just a thought, love these bundles your offering.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  George Miller

It’s tough to make the numbers work for free shipping when everything is already marked down at least 20% off. It’s rare that anything at the $50 price point costs more than $10 to ship, so the 20% off is better than free shipping of fully priced items… and the benefits of the big discounts grow even more as more items are included in the order.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Yea I already have everything included in your bundle deal and a whole lot more but the power prawn shrimp lures as well as the moonwalker to me are a big disappointment have yet to catch anything on the shrimp lures and the moonwalker is OK but to me the spook Jr is just as good andaybe better considering the moonwalker only comes in one color the spook Jr has many colors and I use several but I also have my favorite anyways I doubt if I’ll be buying anymore tackle from you guys in quite a while I already have way to much and to be honest with you most of my fish that I catch are not on saltstrong lures a few like the ones I catch on my spinnerbaits are sometimes caught on a saltstrong paddletail that is on the spinnerbait but usually I use gulp paddletails and grubs with is funny how you guys used to rave about the gulp shrimp now you don’t even use them anymore well unlike your clear water that fish can see the lure a long way we here in murky water Jacksonville FL need a lot of scent because unlike where you fish that’s probably the primary way and senses that a reddish uses to feed not sight because of the water clarity sometimes the visibility is only about 6 inches anyways totally different wnviournment like I have always said yes a red is a red and trout and whatever are the same no matter where they are but where they live and the conditions determine how and the way they feed just saying

Teddy Ellwanger
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Free

If you have all the stuff already no need to put Salt Strong down, feel better now?🤔🤦🏼‍♂️

Steven Free
1 year ago

I wasn’t putting them down just being honest and if I did not say it in my comments I usually say but that’s my experience everyone has there own opinion if we did not and everything was the same for everyone everywhere it would be a pretty boring predictable world I have been a life member to saltstrong for 4 years now and have given them a lot of my business hoe much have you given them and spent hmmm🤔🤨

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Steven Free

Thanks for sharing your candid feedback Steven. What I’ve found after working with anglers across the southeast is that the success with lures often is due to the fishermen’s confidence in them. For example, we have a coach, Richard Thomas, who fishes in Jacksonville similar to you. And some of his favorite lures include the Power Prawn USA Jr as well as our slam series paddletails.

As for Gulp, the reason I switched is because they changed their material about 4 years ago and it resulted in the lures not lasting as long as they used to… the pinfish over here are so quick to tear them apart in most of the spots I fish that it’s not worth using them in my opinion.

Jimmy Goodson
1 year ago

Bundle would have been truly complete if a rod and reel was recommended!

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Jimmy Goodson

We’ll have a rod, reel, and line bundle coming soon.

Charles Fisher
1 year ago

I have no idea what fish can be caught fishing at any of the fishing spots in the Hudson Florida area

Justin Cummings
1 year ago
Reply to  Charles Fisher

Big reds, snook and trout in the channel mouth at Hudson Beach 😊 Paddle tails were killer at night and those were mirro lures. Can’t wait to try out the slam shady bomber

Ray Markham
1 year ago
Reply to  Charles Fisher

Snook, trout, redfish, Spanish mackerel, flounder, cobia, tarpon, black seabass, gag and red grouper (depending on the depth.

Andrew Hinshaw
1 year ago

Good looking bundle. Could’ve been listed as the best for almost all inshore species, not just redfish.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Andrew Hinshaw

Very true!

Matthew Michalak
1 year ago

A bit surprised the Fred isn’t on there

Troy Webber
1 year ago

Yeah..I wonder why it wasn’t…

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

The FRED is a great lure as well. I did not include it in this bundle because the Slam Shady has caught many more fish in comparison, and this bundle is supposed to be the bare essentials (the best color of each lure size/mold).

George Layton Layton
1 year ago

That is a well thought out Redfish bundle that WILL catch them & at a GREAT price !!

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

Thanks George!


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