When Plan B Turns Out Better Than Plan A [Fishing Report]

Sometimes, but not super often, Plan B turns out better than Plan A does.

On this fishing trip, that certainly was the case.

I originally planned on launching off the beach in search of tarpon and kingfish, but the weather threw me a curveball.

Always have a backup plan in place!!

Plan B Turns Out Better Than Plan A [VIDEO]

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After I had to scrap my original plan for the day, I found a different area I had been meaning to get out and fish but couldn’t find the right time.

So I figured why not give it a try on this trip and skip some lures underneath mangroves into coves and cut-outs.

The minute I hit the water I started to see tons of finger mullet jump around my kayak.

It was slightly cloudy with good cover for most of the morning which meant Moonwalker Time!

My goal on this trip was to work shorelines and coves eventually finding my way into estuaries and hopefully schools of feeding fish.

This area in particular is known for holding GATOR trout.

Also, I finally got a sample of the Salt Strong Custom Mud Hole rod that I used on this trip.

As the day went on, I rigged up a BOMBER and started skipping it underneath mangroves when I hooked into something BIG.

I found a GATOR TROUT.

After it towed me around the bay, I was able to get it into the kayak just before the hook pulled.

As the sun gets higher in the sky, shade can be the deciding factor between hooking into a fish or not.

You want to make sure you are getting your lures deep enough under the mangroves to hit those shady areas the fish are holding in.

A little while later, I stumbled across a massive school of GIANT jacks.

Before heading back to the ramp, I proved myself wrong!

My GoPro battery was overheating so the footage is a bit fuzzy but I hooked into a beautiful pumpkin color redfish on my way back in.

And I’m going to count that as a slam!!

Insider Reports

If you aren’t familiar with Insider Reports or what they are, then this is for you!

For those of you that don’t know, our Fishing Coaches actually create 3 videos for every trip.

The first of which is the Pre-Trip Plan.

We open up a Smart Fishing Spots Map Layer and talk through our plan and where we’ll be fishing on the trip.

We show you how we put together a plan for a trip based on trends and seasonality.

The second video is the on-the-water action.

That is what EVERYONE wants to see!!

But the truth is, and let’s all be honest, you want to know where we’re finding all these fish.

That takes us to the third video which is the Post-Trip Analysis.

We pull up a map, show you exactly where we caught that fish, and tell you the current trends you need to know before hitting the water.

It is NOT all about SPOTS!!!

Shift your focus to seasonality and trends.


90% of the fish are in 10% of the water and that 10% is constantly moving.

If you want to understand what trends to look for and gain a deeper understanding of the seasonality of each species in your region, the more successful you will be.

There is a method to this madness!

Do you have any questions about those times when Plan B turns out better than Plan A?

Let me know what you think of this report down in the comments!!

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Jeffrey Ramirez
6 months ago

This just happened to me. Went to plan B after a disappointing plan A and now my plan B has become my go to area for the last 5 trips and has produced every time.

John Thomson
6 months ago

Glad to see a video of the new prototype Mud Hole in action – impressive landing those big fish. Do you have any in the office/store to check out?

6 months ago

Nice fish. But why play that obnoxious background music on this video? It detracts from the natural setting.

Kyle Kirkland
6 months ago

Do you have a trolling motor on your yak?

6 months ago

That trout was over 25″… nice gator!


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