I Went Back To Catch A Fish I Missed Earlier In The Day [Fishing Report]

I just had to go back and catch a fish I missed earlier in the day.

Super early in the morning, I was working the Moonwalker around a point when something big came up and smacked my lure.

But it did not stay hooked.

Learn more about what made me go back to catch this fish later on right here!!

I Went Back To Catch A Fish I Missed Earlier In The Day [VIDEO]

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After throwing the Moonwalker around the point and a few casts with a Slam Shady Paddletail, I got a few strikes but was unable to stick the hook in the fish’s mouth.

I decided to leave that spot for about 10-15 minutes knowing I’d come back.

Lo and behold, I was able to hook into that fish using the Moonwalker.

The Moonwalker is our walk-the-dog style topwater lure in the Slam Shady color.

There are some bite marks on the tail end of the lure in red as well.

But the biggest difference in this lure compared to other topwater lures is the pre-rigged single inline hooks.

These hooks will not bend and won’t rust out.

Here’s What Happened

I was approaching a small cove that had a clear opening that I wanted to stop and fish before entering the cove itself.

So, I decreased my speed and approached the first point slowly.

There was a bigger tree branch hanging over the point which created a really advantageous spot to aim for.

Once I threw a cast just a little closer to that tree branch, I got a couple of strikes on the Moonwalker.

After those few strikes, I further made my way into the cove and saw quite a bit of splashing from bait nearby.

But I didn’t see many wakes and nothing was curious enough to touch the lures I was offering.

This was when I decided to turn around and try to get that fish off the point again.

I hooked into that fish on the first cast back just a couple of cranks into reeling the Moonwalker.

It was a decent redfish that was still willing to eat right off of that point!

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This just goes to show that with a little bit of patience, you can still land those hesitant fish you just can’t seem to stick.

If a fish strikes your lure but it doesn’t stick, it is a good idea to lay the pressure off that fish and give it some time before coming back.

And remember, if you are fishing topwater lures, maintain a constant retrieve speed, or else it won’t look natural!

Do you have any questions about how I went back to catch a fish I missed earlier in the day?

Has something like this ever happened to you?

I’d love to hear your stories down in the comments!!

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Gary Jarrett
1 year ago

I always thought that unlike Snook,Reds were scavengers and cruised the banks for a bottom meal. Is it common for them to stay in an area for a lengthy amount of time?

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

Great work Tony!

charles phillippi
1 year ago

Great catch, never give up…especially with “insider” intell that there was a fish there. LOL

Daniel Zimmerer
1 year ago

Thanks for the post, Tony – and that was a nice red too!

Wes Hamil
1 year ago

Thanks Tony! I need to keep that in mind when I miss a good strike.

Pablo Diaz
1 year ago

Nice catch and persistence Tony!!!

Gordon McBride
1 year ago

LOL. One day I was fishing off a bank and I caught the same bass three times in the same exact spot on the same plastic worm. I could see him return right after I released him.

Stuart Kidder
1 year ago

Love top water lures in early calm mornings!

Lenny Friedman
1 year ago

Lightning in the background made me nervous.

Joseph Simonds
1 year ago



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