DOA Shrimp VS. Power Prawn USA Jr. [Round 1 & 2 Experiments]


The first 2 rounds of the DOA Shrimp vs Power Prawn USA Jr head to head tests have been completed, and the results are shown below.

In this video series, we are testing out the DOA and the Power Prawn USA Shrimp lures to see which one performs the best.

A classic old school versus new school shrimp lure showdown!

Check it out!!!

DOA Shrimp vs. Power Prawn [Round 1]

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Setup For Round 1:

The DOA Shrimp is a classic lure that has been around for quite some time.

Our Power Prawn USA artificial shrimp lure is new to the scene but without a doubt has risen to the top.

So which artificial shrimp lure is best?

DOA Shrimp and the Power Prawn USA are both 3.5 inches and have extremely similar profiles.

In addition to that, I have the exact same rod, reel, braid, and leader material rigged up on two setups for this experiment.

Round 1 Results & Findings

First order of business, both of these lures caught fish.

This is not much of a surprise given these lures are both of similar profile, shape, and length.

The biggest difference I found when fishing both of these lures is all of the strikes I had with the DOA shrimp lure came on the fall of the lure.

After I skipped this lure under some mangroves, it would fall and then the strike would come.

The fall was the ticket for this shrimp lure.

In sight fishing scenarios, this held true because the fish did not respond as much to the DOA shrimp moving towards them in the water.

Conversely, the Power Prawn USA Jr. excelled in its retrieve and that is when fish seem most interested.

Most of the strikes on the Power Prawn USA Jr. happened after some slight twitches and then on the glide back down to the bottom fish would strike.

The DOA Shrimp lure seems to work best when straight sinking it or letting it drift into some current.

The Power Prawn USA work best when covering water and retrieving the lure through the water.

DOA Shrimp vs. Power Prawn [Round 2]

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Setup For Round 2:

Round 2 Fishing

The trend from this trip was getting the lure as close as possible to the shady areas underneath hanging mangroves.

One negative to DOA shrimp is they are not weedless and when fishing mangroves, you can easily snag a hook on hanging trees.

I really had to work for the fish on this trip and move constantly from spot to spot.

In the end, both of these lures caught fish. However, I give the advantage to the Power Prawn USA for its ability to be rigged weedless.

As far as rods go for round 2 of this experiment, I used the Bull Bay Stealth Sniper 7’6 Medium-Heavy.

The reel on both rods is the Daiwa Procyon spooled with 10lb Daiwa J-Braid.

Round 3 experiment between these two lures will be on its way soon!

Experiment Results

Power Prawn snook catch

Here’s a summary of the results from these two lure tests:

Round 1 Results

The first test was on a very slow bite, so there wasn’t enough fish caught to form a form conclusion. Both lures had some action which was not a surprise since both lures are similar size and cover the same depth zones.

The core difference between the two was that the Power Prawn got most of its strikes during the retrieve while the DOA did best on the fall (with multiple denials on good sight fishing shots while retrieving the lure to the fish).

Click here to see the 1st test.

Round 2 Results

This 2nd test was on another hot summer day in which the fish were lethargic, so the bites required good casts up into the shade of mangrove overhangs with a slow retrieve to give the fish time to eat.

Once again, both lures had some action. But the Power Prawn USA Jr. pulled ahead due to being able to cover water more effectively (vs. the DOA which is best on a slow fall).

Overall Results (So Far)

For this type of fishing, the Power Prawn USA Jr. rigged on a weighted hook is the way to go because it can be rigged weedless which is a huge advantage when fishing tight to mangroves which are incredibly good at getting hooked by lures with exposed hooks.

Also, the Power Prawn USA lures do a better job in getting strikes during the retrieve while having similar results on the fall which enable them to have a wider range of fish catching action.

Feedback Needed

Would you like to see more lure tests like this? If yes, is there any change in format that you think would be better (either more fun to watch or more accurate results)?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Tight Lines!

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Erik Drewes
1 year ago

Great video, thanks. What kind of stool/rod holder are you using in the video?

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Erik Drewes

Thanks Erik! That front casting platform came with the boat when I bought it used… it was supposedly made in a shop somewhere in Ft. Myers. Hopefully the shop and everyone who works there made it through the storm ok.

Alan j. Sarka
1 year ago

The Doe shrimp worked as Mark Nichols designed it. Floating down if you want a different descend all you have to do is reconfigure the hook. Both baits are on equal ability to catch fish.

Pam Walter
1 year ago

I will watch any video that has Otis in it!!!!!!!

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Pam Walter

Haha!!! He certainly makes every trip more of an adventure.

Roy Gorman
1 year ago
Reply to  Pam Walter

A heat thing going on?

Lyle Crafton
1 year ago

I’m glad to see multiple tests. The more you do will reveal a consistent pattern. Something which is apparently beginning to manifest.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Lyle Crafton

Thanks for making time to post the nice comment Lyle!

greg lanier
1 year ago

I love the comparisons tests I myself really never liked the doa shrimp although I know a lot of people using them under popping cork is the only way they fish but I did use the voodoo shrimp for awhile but haven’t since the power prawn has come out because I throw the power prawn every time I fish and normally catch fish in fact I’ve caught quite a few flounder but I normally use the shroomz jig head with no cork but if I use the popping cork I tie on the same rig but what I really want to know is when is the release of the different colors????? I’ve been checking every day since I heard about it The power prawn jr natural is my GO To I would like to see the slam shady 2.0 against the Zman paddle z which ever one is the same size and since it comes in the slam shady color it will be a good match. Thanks Luke ….. oh and of course it’s always more interesting when Otis is the moderator 👍

greg lanier
1 year ago
Reply to  greg lanier

I tried to edit the part about the Zman lure I think it’s called the minnow z ?? But you know what I’m talking about👍

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  greg lanier

Thanks for posting the nice comment Greg! We have the Power Prawn USA Junior in 5 colors now. And the bigger ones should be in the store early next month. Here’s a link to the juniors:

Mark Johnson
1 year ago

I’m a long time Naples FL resident who up til one month ago only fished with live bait. I’m a relatively new member on here and only now after a number of trips, am I beginning to catch fish with your SS artificials. I really appreciate the ‘common man’ nature of your videos, Whether it’s getting skunked (like me) when the weather’s hot and the current is nil, or whether you’re getting a line snarl (like me)! My wife was very impressed that on some of your videos, you’ve shown yourself hooking up with the less desirable species, too (cats, lizards, pinfish, etc). What really frustrates us average anglers is watching videos of pros catching nothing but monster fish, with little effort, on every cast of their videos! Thanks for keeping it honest and real. And thanks for your reviews of these 2 lures.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Johnson

Thanks for making time to post the nice comment Mark!

Mark Bailey
1 year ago

Appreciate the tangle release of loosening the drag. Typically my fishing trips include some less experienced people and I spend a lot of time undoing their back lashes. Next time out, your trick will be put to the test. Thanks.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Bailey

Thanks for posting the nice comment Mark! I hope you find that wind knot fix trick to be as helpful as I have… I was taught that a few years back, and it has worked surprisingly well.

Jim Kern
1 year ago

Next time try removing the hook from the DOA and threading it through the nose of the bait. If you use a weedless hook you will find a whole new way to fish this lure.


Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Kern

Thanks for posting the helpful suggestion Jim.

1 year ago

I want to know how you are seeing these fish. What kind of sunglasses are you using?

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave

I was using Smith polarized glasses (Guide’s Choice frame).

Keith Begley
1 year ago

I really like comparison reviews in real time. It also makes me feel a little better watching you get hung up in the mangroves and detangling a wind knot. I get hung up a lot and it is so frustrating. The type of lure could be the key. You could have easily edited that out but you kept it in for a coaching lesson. A great best practice on fixing a wind knot. Thank you!

Last edited 1 year ago by Keith Begley
Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Keith Begley

Thanks for making time to post the nice comment Keith. If anyone is fishing mangroves and doesn’t get snagged every once in a while, they aren’t casting close enough… or they edit their videos:)


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