This New Shrimp Lure Crushed The Nearshore Reef Fish

The video below shows a new shrimp lure catching a wide variety of species the very first time I tried using it out on some nearshore reefs.

Until recently, I used to think that it was a requirement to have live or frozen bait with me to get results on nearshore reefs. So every trip out to reefs included a lot of time and mess since I’d have to go to a marina and/or throw the cast net on the way out to fishing grounds.

This trip was totally different. I had only a few hours in the morning free to fish due to having a meeting at noon, so there was no time to mess with baits.

Instead, I just rigged up a few rods with Power Prawn USA lures rigged on jig heads that were heavy enough to get it down to the bottom in 30 to 40 ft of water.

The results were immediate and impressive as you’ll see in the video below:

Shrimp Lure For Nearshore Reefs

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Trip Details:

  • Craft – 24 ft Pathfinder
  • Weather – Clear skies
  • Wind – 0 to 5 MPH from the SE
  • Tides – Incoming tide
  • Time – Fished from 7:30 am to 11:30 am
  • Water Clarity – Clear 
  • Water Depth – 30 to 45 ft

Equipment Used:

Bottom Jig Setup (Cobia, Grouper, Seabass, Blue Runners, etc.)

Mid Column Setup (Tripletail)

shrimp lure for nearshore reefs


This trip is yet another example of the fact that live bait is not needed in order to get into some fun fish catching action when fishing nearshore reefs.

And the new Power Prawn USA lures have quickly proven to be a trusted solution when in need of a shrimp jig for nearshore reefs.

This short trip to the reefs was a lot of fun with a lot of rod bending action. And it sure was nice to get back and not have to deal with a messy boat from throwing the cast net and/or from cutting frozen baits for rigging.

It sure was convenient to be able to use my time open to fish that morning to actually fish and not have to bother with live bait.

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Joseph Davis
1 year ago

Great report Luke! While I haven’t had the opportunity to fish the power prawn in deeper water I have caught just about every inshore species with it fishing the flats off St Marks FL. It has fast become my go to lure. In case you’re still keeping track of species caught on the power prawn I hooked a long nose gar last week while fishing for trout! I often see them off the lighthouse but have never gotten one to bite before.

Mike Hadden
1 year ago

Taking a head boat out of Ponce Inlet for Red Snapper in July will try the shrimp eith juice

Jon Fortune
1 year ago

Looks like a fun day. Did you find those spots from smart fishing tides ? Or known fishing spots. Want to try some nearshore fishing thanks.

James Prescott
1 year ago

Excellent video Luke! It was a blast being out there! I’m no longer skeptical about the power prawn! It works!! It catches fish!


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