Danco Pliers Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]


It’s product review time!

Pliers are some of the most important tools I need on the water with me.

I’m always using them for tasks like de-hooking fish or cutting line, so if I don’t have a pair, it can be a rough day.

I’ve gone through a lot of pliers, but these Danco Pliers are some of the best value pliers I’ve had.

Check out the video below to see the top few pros and cons of these pliers, plus which models are my favorite.

And since we’re not affiliated with Danco, or any other company, you can be sure that this is a completely unbiased review.

P.S. if you’ve used this brand, or have another favorite brand of pliers, let me know down in the comments!

Danco Pliers Review [VIDEO]

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What are your thoughts about these pliers?

Have you tried them before?

Let me know about your experience with Danco, or any other brand of pliers, down in the comments!

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Michael Watosky
1 month ago

Great pliers for the money..I’m not remortgaging my house for a pair of Abel’s to take hooks out of fishes mouths but I’ll gladly spend $36 or whatever on these. Only drawback is the somewhat poorly designed sheath but I put them in my pants pocket anyway so that isn’t an issue for me..

Roger Beck
1 month ago

I’ve been looking for a decent pair of pliers but wasn’t sure what to get. Based on your review I put in an order for two pair for my girlfriend and I. Can’t wait to try them out on the water. Thanks Luke for solid review.

Dave Williams
1 year ago

Disappointed with the Admiral pliers. Never cut line (mono) very well since day one. I bought replacement cutters, and they didn’t fit. Took them back to where I bought then and got a second set of replacement cutters, these at least fit on the pliers, but there is a gap between the cutter blade and flat blade. Ok pliers for dehooking fish but the cutters are useless.

Butch Mekler
1 year ago

Try their filet knifes as well. Very reasonably priced.. Do a great job.

Steven Vamvakis
1 year ago

Just bought my second pair of Danco Premo pliers. Far and away the best pliers for fishing I have ever held. Expensive, yes, but I have given away about 10 lesser pair that will not bite and hold the tag end of braided line. The Premo pliers never let me down. I keep one in my tackle bag and one out on my work bench to rig my rods before I go fishing. They come with a leather holster, a strong D-clip and cord, and they are made of Titanium.

David Ulgenalp
1 year ago

I’m a big Danco fan and have been using their pliers for several years. The only issue I have is with the plastic swivel clip on holster/sheath. At some point the clip will inevitably come unhooked from your belt or the swivel will break and you will lose your pliers. I replace their sheath with a simple nylon sheath that has a loop on the back that allows you to thread your belt through it. You’ll never lose the sheath or pliers unless you lose your shorts or belt.

1 year ago

I love the danco pliers and the fact that you can buy the cutter replacement blades. they also sell “ultimate braid scissors ” that are under $5 and work great and have a split ring tool on them. definitely recommend them too

Gregory Ramko
1 year ago

Love my Danco Admirals. Got mine in lime green fish bones. A quick rinse and some clenzoil and they are good as new. I have dropped them in salt water to many times to count. Don’t like the shealth that comes with the admirals. Clip broke easily. Called Danco and they sent me a nylon sheath with belt loop. They never fall off in the water now.

Gregory Ramko
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Yw. So impressed by Danco. I might splurge and buy myself a pair of the premio’s.


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