3 Tips To Catch Speckled Trout In The Fall Under Docks


One of the best (but most underrated) spots to catch trout is under docks, especially in the fall.

Docks provide food and protection for these fish, plus they make great pit stops for trout as they’re leaving their summer homes out near the passes and inlets and heading toward their winter homes in the backcountry.

But one of the biggest problems is knowing which docks hold fish.

If you’re fishing dead zone docks, you’ll be wasting your precious time on the water and likely go home skunked.

The good news is that knowing which docks are most likely to hold fish is pretty easy, and in this video, you’ll learn exactly how to find them.

You’ll also learn:

  • The best time to fish docks in the fall
  • How to fish them to catch the most fish possible
  • And more

Check out the video below!

Catching Fall Trout Under Docks [VIDEO]

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How To Find Fishy Docks

The first thing you have to do if you want to catch more fish under docks is to find the docks that are holding fish.

In the fall, this is a pretty simple task.

Trout are leaving areas near inlets and passes where they spend the summer and are heading toward backcountry creeks, bays, and rivers.

Docks right outside of creek mouths are most likely to hold trout because they’re on the way towards the trouts’ winter homes and they’re likely to hold bait.

The Best Time To Fish Docks In The Fall

In the fall when the water starts cooling down, fish will be most active when the water is warmest.

Dock fishing in the late afternoon and evening is best because the sun has had all day to warm up the water.

As you can see in the video above, I had a lot of success with those trout after the sun set.

How To Fish Docks For Trout

Trout are structure-oriented fish, so they’ll most likely be holding close to the pilings.

And since baitfish are attracted to the light, and trout are attracted to baitfish, you’ll likely found trout near pilings close to the lights.

Just pitch your lure under there, let it sink down to the bottom, and then start retrieving it.


fall trout spots

Fishing docks near creek mouths in the late afternoon or evening is a great way to catch tons of trout in the fall.

Docks provide shelter and food for these fish, plus they make great pit stops as the trout are heading toward the backcountry.

Have any questions about catching trout in the fall?

Let me know down in the comments below.

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J.T. Carricato
5 months ago

Great post Wyatt! Loving the Yak vids….

C. Lance Weaver
5 months ago

Well done Wyatt! great tips on where to target.

Mike Larson
5 months ago

Great post Wyatt. We will try this out this week!

Caden Kaufman
5 months ago

I fish out of the coastal bend area (corpus, rockport, port aransas). It looked like nueces bay’s backest part if that makes sense. Great video.

Caden Kaufman
5 months ago

Where do you fish out of??

Caden Kaufman
5 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Thanks!! Always wondered!


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