5 Minute Trout Challenge: How To QUICKLY Catch Loads Of Trout


Can you imagine catching a trout every single minute on the water?

No more bored kids…

No more pictures of the sunset…

And no more feeling like a failed fisherman!

The problem with most anglers is that they overthink things.

There’s actually a simple formula to catch lots of trout and in this video, we’ll show you exactly what it is, as well as how we caught five trout in five minutes.

We weren’t in a secret spot (we’ll show you where we were), we didn’t have a fancy boat (in fact, Luke’s trolling motor had just broken), and we had a bait that, although it works very well, is definitely no secret bait (it was the Slam Shady!).

Anybody can catch a ton of fish in a short amount of time — see how in the video below.

5 Minute Trout Challenge [VIDEO]

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Follow The Trends To Catch More Fish

If you want to catch a lot of fish you need to be in the right spot at the right time.

If you’re not throwing your bait or lure where fish are, then you won’t catch anything!

Now the key to being in the right spot at the right time is to know the trends.

In this video, it was the middle of a hot summer day, so we knew that fish would be near inlets or passes and on the edges of a grass flat.

So that’s where we went.

We anchored up near the edge of a grass flat close to a bridge and close to a pass.

There was lots of current that was bringing food and colder water to the trout so we were able to catch a lot of them in a short amount of time.

Use A Proven Lure To Catch More Trout

After you’ve taken care of the most important part of catching fish (finding hungry fish), the next question you need to answer is what are fish eating.

These trout were feeding on small baitfish, so all we did was match our lure to what they were eating.

We were using the Slam Shady on a Trout Eye jig head.

One mistake that many anglers make is that they try a bunch of different lures if they don’t have success immediately.

Instead, if you’re not getting bites with a proven lure, try to switch up the retrieve.

A straight retrieve with a paddletail often works, but what we found today was that they seemed to bite a lot more when we mixed in a brief pause or twitch.

And here’s another thing to remember: when fish are feeding, they’re looking into the current hoping that it will bring them food.

So to give yourself a better chance at catching them, retrieve your lure with the current.

In this situation, we had the wind at our back, so we could cast far, but the current was coming towards us, so we could still retrieve our lures with the current.

Shortcut To Catching More Fish In Less Time

To catch the most amount of fish in the shortest time possible, you need to know the trends.

And the trends change based on the conditions.

Is it windy?

What season is it?

What’s the tide doing?

You can figure the trends out yourself if you spend a lot of time on the water, or, if you want a shortcut, we’ll just tell you them!

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inshore trout spots

We’ve had a lot of people ask how they can take their families and friends out on the water and get a ton of tight lines.

The easiest way to do that in the summer is to anchor up at the edge of a grass flat near a pass or inlet when the current is flowing and toss out a paddletail on a jig head.

As you saw in the video, we were able to catch five trout in five minutes just by following the trends.

Have any questions about catching trout?

Let us know down in the comments!

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2 years ago

Great video. Interesting how we see the trout knock the softbait tail forward so it’s actually turning the softbait so that It will go down the throat head first.

John White
3 years ago

I need help with dissecting spots near the mouth of Homosassa River. 

Tony Acevedo
3 years ago
Reply to  John White

Hey John!

I can definitely take a look and feature it on one of our weekly Spot Dissections. Any area specifically around there?

Sam Craparo
3 years ago

Cormorants are a huge nuisance. Had issues with them in the 80’s near Captiva eating released keeper trout. Would motor away to avoid them but they would eventually find us. Now when yaking around the Skyway it’s almost impossible to avoid them. They seem to follow us from when we launch for the rest of the day. Can’t motor away. Any any advise to deal with this issue?

Phillip Butler
3 years ago

Cool. Funny you did this today. My son and I were doing the same thing today. Using slam shady, caught 25 or so trout in couple hours. Couldn’t find the reds or snook, so we went to the flats and started hooking up. When all else fails, this is fun. We were dealing with the cormorants too.👍🏼😎

3 years ago

I cannot believe what I just saw. You and your brother are doing what you accuse other people of doing. Feeding trout to the Cormorants. Your boat looks new enough that it has a live well on board. Throw the trout in there start the engine move 100 yards and release the fish. If you release a trout with even one cormorant, ran next to the boat he will get it

Thomas Manley
3 years ago

Hey Joe and Luke, it is always nice seeing the two of you fishing together and in a challenge at that. By the way, since we can’t keep trout in our area (I’m in North Port leaving from Placida most of the time) how about we get a few boats and head to Homosassa? I have a few guides I’m sure could put us on some fish and/or we can find them ourselves. I used to fish the area a lot and love it there. Let me know….then again, if you want to fish just offshore from Boca Grande, I have a 25 Robalo and a friend of mine has a 26 Glacier Bay that we can use for filming and/or using Drones. We actually have a drone that is water proof as well. Let us know.


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