This Chumming Trick Had Speckled Trout Eating Out Of Our Hands!


Do you have a go-to spot to catch bait?

And then do you have a different go-to spot to catch fish?

What if there was a simpler way to catch boat loads of fish?

See, if you find the bait, you’ll usually find the predator fish.

Growing up, Luke and I would go to one spot to catch bait, and then another spot to catch fish, and it was a big waste of time, not to mention, we couldn’t always find the fish…

But today, we’re simplifying things and sticking in one spot to chum up the bait and then chum up the trout.

It worked really well (we caught tons of fish), and we saved time and gas money by not having to drive all over the bay.

Want to see exactly what we did? Check out the video below.

You’ll learn:

  • The best types of spots to catch loads of trout
  • How to catch fewer catfish
  • How Slam Shady performs compared to live bait (this might surprise you!)
  • The best way to chum up baitfish
  • How to rig live bait (for more strikes)
  • And much more

I’d definitely recommend watching the video version of this podcast below (we caught loads of fish), but you can also listen to the audio version by clicking the play button underneath it, or listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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Chumming For Speckled Trout [VIDEO]

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Chumming For Speckled Trout [PODCAST]

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catch trout on flats

Catching a lot of fish could not be any easier!

You don’t need a fancy boat or trolling motor and you get lots of action so it’s great for kids, friends, and when you just want a ton of tight lines.

Have any questions about catching fish like this?

Or any suggestions for future podcast episodes?

Let us know in the comments below!

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2 years ago

I’m a MALN (Medicare Aged Landlocked Northern) that spends winters on the gulf. From these YouTubes I’m able to enjoy time fishing in the gulf. From the pan handle of Florida to the Texas bend I’ll fish and if the weather cooperates I’m catching fish. Every time I go out I’m confident that I will catch fish once I examine the area.
Thanks for the videos

David A Seiberling
3 years ago

I’ve been replacing treble hooks with Circle hooks for a few years now. I still get the same hook-up ratio, but it also makes them Practically Weedless. I use this method for Bass fishing in the grass beds.

Capt Roy Bennett
3 years ago

It’s fun catching trout but w/o being able to keep any I pinch in the barbs. Why worry about losing a trout when you can’t keep them. Most fish are not lost anyway as long as you keep tension on the line. I release all my trout by just holding the shank of the hook/jig upside down with my disgorgers unless they are gut hooked (rare). Why injure trout when you don’t have to. I’d love to see you guys using this idea in your informative videos. Thank you, Capt Roy

Pedro Carrillo
3 years ago

Thanks. Tried last night, but no bait;-( Did go late (7pm) would that make a difference?

Steve Richardson
3 years ago

Hey Guys,
Great video, can you tell me where this spot is located?

Jeff Nussman
3 years ago

Good video comparing artificials to live bait. Vacationed on Palm Island, FL in July and we caught a lot of beach snook using Slam Shady on a jig head instead of worrying about catching live bait. Also, I’d like to see Luke’s cast netting method explained in a video. He made it look easy!

Thomas Tyrkala
3 years ago

love the video

3 years ago

Enjoyed the video! Just a hint about soft plastic. We have found out when the trout get finicky dip the tail in chartreuse garlic. Works great…

3 years ago

Great show with lots of good info and I have enjoyed watching this one more than others . Check out family boating Center in Tampa for boats. They have a great service dept too. FYI, I am only a customer there.

Thom Ray
3 years ago

When using the white bait as chum, get a small net full & squeeze them lightly. It will stun them and make them a bit more active/wounded in the water.

Adam Bailey
2 years ago
Reply to  Thom Ray

Yes that can help tremendously, especially if predators aren’t very active. Makes easier targets. Maybe the video recording dictated otherwise.


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