How To Chum & Fish Whitebait For Endless Strikes!


If you like to catch tons of fish, then you’re going to love this video.

The other day Luke and I were trying to film a podcast, but the current was barely moving (which is just about the worst time you can fish).

Instead of being stubborn and sticking to what we originally wanted to do (where we probably would’ve gotten skunked), and instead of packing up and calling it a day (and missing out on the dozens of fish that we ended up catching), we decided to do something we don’t usually do…

We used live bait!

We anchored up in a very specific type of spot, tossed a few baits out to get a feeding frenzy going, then tossed out a few baits with hooks in them.

We had nonstop action the entire video catching several nice trout, plus some big ladyfish and catfish.

If you’re bringing family or friends out, the tides are bad, or you just want to get a ton of tight lines, this is a great way to fish.

You don’t need a fancy flats boat, a big heavy anchor, or an expensive trolling motor, all you need is a cheap stick anchor, a cast net, and the right spot.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Where to anchor up if you want to catch boat loads of fish
  • When to use a circle hook vs. a j hook
  • How to rig whitebait up for more strikes
  • The one thing you don’t want to do that could cause you to lose the fish of a lifetime
  • How to position your boat and set yourself up for success
  • What really matters most when it comes to catching a lot of fish
  • And much more

I’d definitely recommend watching the video version of this podcast below (there’s a ton of fish-catching action), but you can also listen to the audio version by clicking the play button underneath it, or listen to it on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.

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How To Chum & Fish Whitebait [VIDEO]

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How To Chum & Fish Whitebait [PODCAST]

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inshore trout spots

What a fun trip!

If you want to have nonstop action, too, all you need to do is catch some whitebait, get out to the edge of flat, toss out your baits, and hold on.

Have any questions about this type of fishing?

Let us know in the comments below!

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3 years ago

I appreciate the videos, the tips seem really valuable. However, I just tried your technique for catching white bait with powdered chum and got none. I was on grass flats north side of the pass between Honeymoon and 3 Rooker, in about 4-5′ of water. There were diving birds nearby so I assumed there would be bait. I tossed balls of powered chum for about 10 minutes before throwing my net. I got a few nice pins but no white bait. Tried in a couple other spots and got nothing. Thoughts?

Ferdinand Alsina
3 years ago

I really enjoy your guys live pod cast. Keep them coming. They are fun and truthful to what is taking place at that specific time.

3 years ago

That gafftop you released is very good eating!

3 years ago

I highly recommend a ‘flipper’ for removing catfish from line. Make one from 12″ from an old broom handle. Drill a hole in the end and glue in a piece of coathanger about 6″ long with the end bent into a hook. Then insert the hanger hook inside the bend of the fish hook and flip the catfish off. No slime on the hands.

3 years ago

This is the best fishing tips I been told

William Allison
3 years ago

Love the podcast format. Makes everything so much easier to understand when you can see it in live unedited real world scenarios. Thanks for all the great info!

Franklin Valencia
3 years ago

Yessss! Counting the days…almost Friday baby! Can’t wait for the insiders stuff…I really need that intel before i head down there! Thanks guys awesome times downthere!

3 years ago

like your videos a lot. Learned quite a bit, thanks

Gaylord Randel
3 years ago

Great job guys, I think I had as much fun as you just watching. I have put my grandkids on fish just like this and it is a riot.

Lloyd Phillips
3 years ago

Why don’t you use your power pole?


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