Amazing Strike From 100+ lb Fish In Just 1 Ft of Water!

You MUST see this incredible footage! 

Our fishing coach Tony Acevedo was wrapping up a routine instructional video when THIS happened

Amazing Strike From 100+ lb Fish In Just 1 ft of Water! [VIDEO]

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Heath Meeder
1 month ago

TY Tony – as a kid grew up fishing with Zebco reels. I didn’t start fishing again or using spinning rods until I retired last year when I turned 63. Your report explained so much and was very helpful. Do you have footage of the rest of the Tarpon catch? Excellent Report!

robert zampardi
7 months ago

hey im insider but i cant seem to find the full vid with the location and gear, help when u can. ty

George Layton
7 months ago

Off to the races Tony, SURPRISE !!!! Thanks for sharing such a memorable hook-up !!!

7 months ago

I’m sorry I can’t join just barely getting by but I do enjoy the bits I can see

Chuck Phillippi
7 months ago

Hey Tony, Couldn’t click on the insider link, above, for the tarpon sneaking up on you. It links to the signup page for SS.

Jeffrey Honeycutt
7 months ago
Gary Rankel
7 months ago

WOW, I assume he took you for a wild ride. I wonder what the odds are of bringing it alongside.

Last edited 7 months ago by Gary Rankel
Pat Ogletree
7 months ago

Just might be the coolest bite I’ve ever seen on video!!

Thomas Roper
7 months ago

Did you get him to the boat?


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