Tarpon Tips

How To Target Snook & Tarpon In Backcountry Creeks [Mini-Course]

This mini-course shows a great strategy for catching tarpon and snook after periods lots of rainfall that is often overlooked by most anglers.
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This One Lure Finally Got These Canal Tarpon To Strike…

Canal tarpon can be super fun, but they can also be picky eaters. I've been having a tough time catching them until I started using this lure...
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What’s The Best Tarpon Fly For Backcountry Tarpon? [Input Needed]

What are the best tarpon flies? Check out this video to see me jump several backcountry tarpon, plus the fly I was using.
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Tarpon Fishing Secrets From One Of The Best Tarpon Experts In The World

Want to catch massive tarpon this summer? Then you need to check out these secrets on catching tarpon from one of the world's best tarpon experts.
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This Is How You Catch Huge Tarpon At Night (With Peter Miller & Capt. Kleppinger)

Want to see some awesome tarpon footage at night? Then check out this awesome catch with Peter Miller while filming Tarpon Mastery! Enjoy!
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3 Of The Best Lures For Catching Big Tarpon (VIDEO)

Want to know the "best lures for big tarpon"? This post dives into the essential 3 factors to consider. If you want to catch more tarpon, then watch this.
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How To Catch Big Tarpon Off Of Bait Schools [Report & Spot Dissection]

The tarpon have been making a good showing in the bay, so I decided to devote a morning to targeting them. We jumped 4 big ones using [click to continue]
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The Bait Runner Trick for Targeting Tarpon with Live Bait [With Peter Miller]

In this Insider Tip, Captain Peter Miller shows you the bait runner trick for spinning reels to make live bait fishing for tarpon easier.
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Flying Tarpon In Islamorada While Fishing From SUP [Club Report]

While down in the keys last week, I got distracted by some rolling tarpon out back from the house we were staying at and decided...
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How to Target Big Tarpon in South Florida [With Peter Miller]

In this Insider Tip, Captain Peter Miller tells you how to not overthink tarpon fishing and what techniques will catch the silver king in South Florida.
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Fishing Busy and High-Traffic Waters for Tarpon [With Peter Miller]

In this Insider Tip, Captain Peter Miller tells you how to fish busy and high boat-traffic areas for tarpon and other fish.
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The Perfect Live Crab Rig for Tarpon Fishing [With Peter Miller]

In this Insider Tip, Captain Peter Miller shows you a live crab rig that works for big tarpon anywhere and how to set up that rig.
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Big Snook & Tarpon On Nearshore Reefs [Live Bait & Artificial Lure Success]

There are a ton of options for catching fish during the summer months. This report shows nearshore reef strategies for catching big snook & tarpon.
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How to Rig Mullet to Catch Big Tarpon [With Captain Peter Miller]

Peter Miller shows you how to rig mullet to catch big tarpon, what tackle to use and how to present those mullet to the silver king.
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How To Find Tarpon On Your Fish Finder (With Peter Miller)

Want to see exactly what a tarpon looks like on your fish finder? Then check out this quick tip on helping you find more tarpon this summer.
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