Nonstop Snook & Tarpon Action In The Backcountry [VIDEO]


If you like a good adventure and nonstop action, you’ll love this type of fishing trip!

I recently went out with one of the Insider Club members (Capt. Justin Napior) to do some exploration fishing in the backcountry.

We went through mangrove tunnels, down narrow creeks, and into bays that felt like nobody had ever been to before.

And we ended up catching a bunch of fish including tarpon, snook, jack crevalle, and goliath grouper.

See below for a fun video showing the action as well as some tips that helped us hook a bunch of tarpon with artificial lures.

Backcountry Snook & Tarpon [VIDEO]

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Lure used: 3″ Slam Shady paddletail on a 3/16 oz jig head

The bugs that morning were miserable, but when you can say that the fish were biting as much as the bugs were, you know it was a good day!

Here are a few keys that helped us catch fish:

  1. Throw at rolling tarpon. Every time we threw right where a tarpon had just rolled, our hookup rate was much higher.
  2. After rainy days is best. The runoff from the rain creates runoff points where there’s a little extra current and the tarpon and snook sit around there waiting for a meal to be brought to them.

Using Paddletails For Snook & Tarpon

soft plastic paddletail

The lures we were using were the Slam Shady paddletails.

Here are some tips on how to retrieve them:

  1. Keep your rod tip low
  2. Use a steady retrieve
  3. Give it a couple bumps every now and then

This is the technique we were using that allowed us to catch all these fish.

And here’s a pro-tip: get really good at skip casting under the mangroves.

A lot of times the mangroves were branching over the water where the fish were holding, and skip casting under the mangroves allowed us to reach them.

For more tips on skip-casting, check out this article.


backcountry tarpon

For lots of fish catching action and a fun adventure, explore your local backwater creeks for some acrobatic snook and tarpon.

And if you’re in the Naples area, give Capt. Justin Napior a shout:

Although this type of fishing was a blast, it can definitely be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

To see how to do this trip safely (and productively) check out the Mini-Course here (Insiders only).

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