Weekly Newsletter: 9-29-19

king mackerel

Happy Sunday Salt Strong Nation!

As fall starts to creep in I hope you’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather and getting some time out on the water!

The fish are hungry and aggressive this time of year and we’ve been seeing lots of people have great days out there.

To help continue those great days, we posted some excellent tips for you this past week.

Below you’ll find tips on choosing the best lure size, how to not get skunked, topwater tips, and much more!

Plus, we have some conservation tips and a big thank you to our new members for the month of September!

Finally, congrats to Insider member, Danilo, for that nice king pictured above.

That beauty was caught from his microskiff down in the Boynton Beach area.

Alright, on to the newsletter now, enjoy!

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Rigging and Retrieving Topwater Lures [Mini-Course]

It’s topwater time! Topwater lures are awesome baits to throw year-round, under the right conditions. In this “mini-course” you will find everything you need to...
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Spot Dissection: Member Request Spot Analysis [Clapboard Creek, FL]

This Spot Dissection is a request from member Jayme Martin, which analyzes an area that has many creeks and grassy islands. Always keep in mind...
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Top 3 Reasons You’re Getting SKUNKED (Hint: It’s Not Your Bait)

Are you frustrated you're getting skunked too much? Read this to see the three reasons why most fishermen get skunked, and how to fix them.
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Murky Water Tactics to Turn a Slow Day into a Productive Day [Tips + Map Analysis]

In this report you will see some tactics I used to turn a slow day into a productive day in an area with murky water....
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Jig Head Comparison: Redfish Eye Vs. Trout Eye [VIDEO]

Having trouble deciding which jig head to use? Check out this video where compare two jig heads and help you decided which one to use when.
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The Quick & Easy Adjustable Dropper Rig (Without Using Snap Swivels)

If you want a simple, yet effective rig for live or cut bait, you can't beat the adjustable dropper rig. It uses just one type of knot and helps you...
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How An 8th Grader Is Changing Lives Through Fishing

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Nonstop Snook & Tarpon Action In The Backcountry [VIDEO]

Do you love catching boat loads of tarpon and snook? Then you'll love this type of fishing. We went way back in the backwater creeks and had nonstop action.
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Best Fishing Lure Size (For Different Depths, Seasons, Etc)

Do you know which size fishing lure to use in every situation? Check out this podcast where we break down the best size lures to use in each season, plus...
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Strong Angler of the Week: Michael Friedman

This Strong Angler shares a tip on why you should go fishing with other people, plus a great story about fishing with his daughter and father-in-law.
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