The Quick & Easy Adjustable Dropper Rig (Without Using Snap Swivels)


If you fish with live or cut bait…

You fish in areas with heavy structure…

And you cover a lot of ground…

Then you need to check out this adjustable dropper rig.

This simple rig helps you with the three points above, all while using one simple, yet very strong type of knot.

As you’re drifting or casting, the weight at the bottom of the rig keeps your bait down in the water column, while the hook above the weight keeps your bait in the strike zone.

Plus, if you use a loop like I’m going to show you in the video, you’ll be able to quickly and easily switch out weights, which is helpful for if you’re changing depths, or the current picks up and you can no longer keep your bait near the bottom.

It also saves you from the price and hassle of snap swivels.

And finally, if you use a weight like I recommend in the video, your chances of getting snagged go way down.

Ready to learn how to tie the adjustable dropper rig?

Watch the video below.

Note: this video was originally part of a kid’s fishing course, so it speaks a lot about getting kids out there, but this rig is an effective and easy rig for anyone to use.

How To Tie The Adjustable Dropper Rig [VIDEO]

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There aren’t many rigs out there with this combination of simplicity (you can’t beat just one type of knot) and effectiveness.

It’s perfect for drifting live or cut bait across the bottom in search of a hungry fish who wants to play.


Have any questions about this rig?

Let me know in the comments below!

This rig used the surgeon’s knot for all of the knots, but if you want to see the strongest knot for every situation, then download the Ultimate Fishing Knot Guide.

It breaks down when to use which knot so that you’ll be prepared when you hook into the big one.

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jamal Harvey
10 months ago

Tis is a great setup for dropping down pier pilings and into jetty rocks fishing for sheepshead. Someone told me to use pinch weights when fishing jetty rocks so that the weight will slide off if hung up. If my main line is braid, can I still tie like this or should I stick with the FG knot?

Richard Fiorentino
1 year ago

So I can pre-tie these , I use a swivel to attach to leader. How much do you think this weakens the dropper?

3 years ago

This was simple and great. For a double hook, how much length would you use if the hooks were 10-12” apart? Thanks

Michael Vifquain
3 years ago

Really informative video that simplified the process way more than the other YouTube videos I have watched.

William Flynn
William Flynn
3 years ago

Great video Luke!

Joseph Simonds
3 years ago

Luke, bring the BEARD back!

3 years ago

Check out breakaway tackle in corpus Christi. There aint a fishing rig in this world that comes close to what nick meyer has created. Pully systems, impact shields etc.


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