Jig Head Comparison: Redfish Eye Vs. Trout Eye [VIDEO]

trout eye vs redfish eye jig head

If you ever get confused on which jig heads to use, I don’t blame you!

There are tons of options and they can all seem like they do the same thing.

We could go on and on about which jig heads to choose, but for the sake of this video I’m going to compare just two of them:

The Z-Man Trout Eye Jig Head vs. the Z-Man Redfish Eye Jig Head.

At first glimpse, they might seem nearly identical, but there are some crucial differences which should dictate which one you should use and when.

To see those differences and when to use each one, watch the video below.


Redfish Eye vs. Trout Eye [VIDEO]

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When you’re using jig heads, it’s important to consider how long the shank of the hook is.

If it’s really long, you should use it with bigger soft plastics, such as those over 5″, and if the shank of the hook is shorter, it should be used with soft plastics in the 2-4″ range.

Have any questions about choosing jig heads?

Let us know in the comments below!

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John Martin
John Martin
10 months ago

What hock is used for fresh shrimp in November Tony?
Cheers and thanks

James Doyel
James Doyel
10 months ago
Reply to  John Martin

Thin wire 1/0, 2/0 or 3/0 size J hook, circle hook, k-hook, or wide gap hook in whatever brand you like.

David Cordero
David Cordero
10 months ago

I prefer the Texas eye jigheads. They hold the zman plastic waaay longer. I also love the fact that the hook swings!

Raleigh Thomas
Raleigh Thomas
6 months ago
Reply to  David Cordero

Me too David! I LOVE those! It allows a lot more action to whatever tail you rig it with, and it takes away some of the leverage the fish use to shake the jig loose at the surface. I think it also has the advantage of just being different from the hundreds of other jigs they get bombarded with. The different action itself gets more strikes because they haven’t seen it 37 times a day.

Floyd Nevseta
Floyd Nevseta
10 months ago

On the Zman website, Trout Eye uses a 2/0 hook and the Redfish Eye uses a 4/0.

Harrison Prince
Harrison Prince
10 months ago

Y’all answer the best questions. Ive been wondering about the difference for a week now.

Brett Laws
Brett Laws
2 months ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Not only are they a different size but a different style of hook. The trout eye uses a 60 degree hook, the redfish eye is a 28 or 30 degree hook. In theory, the 30 degree hook will swim better and come through cover better, the 60 is more for fishing along the bottom, like a bass jig.

Gary Rankel
Gary Rankel
10 months ago

I thought you were going to give your take on white vs red eyes on the jig heads of the same size. I go with white simply because I’ve never seen baitfish with red eyes.

Dave Otte
Dave Otte
10 months ago

Great info Tony! The Redfish Eye jighead was helpful for me when I caught a flounder. I had it rigged with a 4″ DieZel MinnowZ and the longer shank helped the hook get ‘deeper’ into the fish’s mouth, away from the ‘hard’ and ‘toothy’ parts. Thank you for all your help Tony!!


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