How To Pick Out The Best Jig Heads (In A Busy Tackle Store)


Have you ever been shopping for jig heads?

If you have, then you’ve probably seen the endless amount of different jig head options…

Holy Jig Head Overwhelm!!!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll find in most tackle stores:

  • Different jig head brands…
  • Different jig head sizes and designs…
  • Different jig head colors…
  • Different jig head weights…
  • Different jig head hook shanks…
  • And more…

So we went down to The Tackle Center in Islamorada with Salt Strong fishing coach Capt. Mark “Hollywood” Johnson of Florida Keys Fun Fishing to show exactly how to pick out the best jig heads in a busy tackle store with tons of jig head options.

Enjoy and let us know any questions you have by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

How To Pick Out The Best Jig Heads [VIDEO]

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As you saw in this video with Capt. Mark, there are a bunch of different jig head options…

But it doesn’t have to be that intimidating…

His best advice is to find a jighead with quality hooks and make sure you have a worm keeper if you are using it for soft plastics (and he prefers a wider gap jig head for most of his inshore fishing).

He also confirmed that the jig head color isn’t really that important (yes that even goes for chartreuse…)

Hope that helps and please post your favorite jig head brand in the comment section below.

We’d love to hear from you!

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P.S. – What’s your favorite jig head brand and size? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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8 months ago

there is only one death grip

2 years ago

I like to purchase my jig heads from one place and found a company called Skyline Jigs to have a large selection of jig heads with really good hooks. Winter months I use shrimp and throughout the year I use soft plastics. Hope this can be of help to others here.

Douglas Ely
2 years ago

Great video. For flounder fishing up here in NJ, the first rule of success is to be on the bottom! We never fish with anything less than 1/2 oz. and on the reef we have to go to 3-4 oz. when the wind and current are strong. Nothing else matters (color, gap size etc.) if the fish cant see your bait.

Armen Ketchedjian
2 years ago

I agree with the other comments. It would be nice to see an expansion on the topic of jig heads, differences, uses, applications and rigs.


Adam Bailey
2 years ago

This video barely scratches the surface and does not answer how to pick the best jighead.

2 years ago

Hook Up jigs and Troll-Rite are the best. All I use when I can find them. Just to be everywhere but now they’re hard to find around here .
Also the best jig head for fishing live shrimp for snook…dont tell anyone though.

David Mikolajczyk
2 years ago

What ounce jig head should I use in strong current?

Robert Wardlow
2 years ago

I like the Mission Fishin jig head for it’s bait keeper. It holds the gulp shrimp and other soft plastics very well.

Brett Laws
2 years ago

Just my 2 cents on this subject:
One thing that wasn’t discussed that is equally important is hook angle of the jig. In my experiences, when fishing shallow water, like 5 feet or less, there needs to be less hook angle, such as a 28 or 30 degree hook like what is in the DOA jig heads. Water 6-15 feet deep a 60 degree hook is very effective and 90 degree hooks should be used for vertical jigging or water deeper than 20. Also, the more open the hook the better the bite ratio, meaning the eye of the hook has more clearance from the barb. The weight of the jig used needs to be just heavy enough to feel it effectively for the depth and current being fished.

Gary Rankel
2 years ago

And don’t forget about the plastic you’re going to use on the jighead. If you’re into elastech products like me, you need one specifically designed to keep them in place. The trouteye or redeye heads with Z-man plastics is all I use.


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