This Is How You Catch Huge Tarpon At Night (With Peter Miller & Capt. Kleppinger)

It’s tarpon time!

You know what’s even better than catching a tarpon?

A tarpon doubleheader!

It’s a beautiful scene of chaos with lots of rod-bending, drag-screaming action, all while trying not to get tangled with your fellow anglers.

To get an up close and personal view of what it’s like during a tarpon doubleheader, check out this video with Peter Miller & Capt. Russ Kleppinger when they doubled up while filming Tarpon Mastery.

Besides just getting to enjoy this awesome tarpon battle, you’ll learn:

  • How to properly fight tarpon and bring them to the boat
  • How to grab and dehook them (while not hooking yourself!)
  • How to release them safely (so you can catch them again next week!)


(P.S. Want action like this on your boat? Check out Tarpon Mastery here)

Tarpon Fishing At Night [VIDEO]

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What a fight!

That was Peter Miller from Bass 2 Billfish and Capt. Russ Kleppinger (who caught 814 tarpon last year alone!)

(And these are the guys teaching Tarpon Mastery!)


Want to catch tarpon like these guys?

You can!

In Tarpon Mastery Peter Miller shares all of his best secrets on how to catch massive tarpon all year long.

You’ll learn:

  • How to catch tarpon (even when they seem to have lockjaw)
  • How to find tarpon in all four seasons
  • How to present your bait perfectly (so you can outfish your friends)
  • And how to choose the best baits for every scenario so you never go home skunked

Check out Tarpon Mastery here.

Attention Tarpon Anglers

  • Want to catch massive tarpon all year long?
  • Want to outfish your friends?
  • Want to learn how to get them to bite even when they have “lockjaw”?
  • Want to be able to find tarpon fast?
  • Want to know the best baits to use so you never go home skunked?

Then you need to see Tarpon Mastery.

Check it out by clicking here.

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