This Is How You Catch A Monster Tarpon All By Yourself [Amazing Catch]

By: Luke Simonds on May 3, 2018
Found In:

Peter Miller Tarpon

Just wait until you see this video!

If you’ve ever been out fishing when the camera is rolling, then you know what usually happens…

The fish don’t bite.

They get lockjaw.

It’s almost as if they know there are cameras on the boat when we are trying to get some footage of them…

But then other days, the exact opposite happens.

Check out what happened last week while filming some exclusive Insider Fishing Club tips with Salt Strong fishing coach Peter Miller (from Bass2Billfish and Unchartered Waters With Peter Miller).

The coolest part is that it all happened right next to downtown Miami.

Here are a few pics the kayakers who watched the entire fight took of Peter and Luke (video is below)

Peter Miller right after landing the tarpon

Peter Miller and Luke Simonds from Salt Strong right as Peter first grabbed the lip of the tarpon

Peter Miller and Luke Simonds showing the onlooking boats how big the tarpon was before safely releasing it

Catching Tarpon In Downtown Miami (VIDEO)

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Pretty awesome, huh?

What’s your craziest tarpon story?

Let us know in the comments.

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David Atkins
1 year ago

Great job catching that giant, Peter and the video was terrific; hoping to one day come to Florida and get you to take me out to try and maybe get lucky enought to catch one of those super fish, FISH ON!

Steve Peterson
2 years ago

Thanks for the reply Luke. Yes it’s about looking the other way while corporations foul our waters along both coasts. The turtle grass around Flamingo is gone. The turtle grass around Sarasota south through Charlotte Harbor is mostly gone. Red tide has recked the fishing on the west coast from Venice south. The east coast around Stuart is dealing with a different kind of algae, probably caused by the dumping of millions of gallons of fouled water by big sugar and other farmers and groves. It’s time to use your influence to speak with elected members of Congress. Get C.A. involved and Hellsbay along with other fishing related companies. If we don’t make a stand complaining later will just be whining.

Steve Peterson
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks guys for the link to your podcast. It was very informative. I apologize for thinking Salt Strong was not addressing our water problem. I have been sight fishing for almost 40 years and experienced the best Florida Bay, Biscayne Bay, the Indian River and the St Lucie River had to offer. I remember when catching five or six bonefish a day in Biscayne Bay was normal. I remember only a decade ago when I could be on the water in Lemom Bay at first light and catch seven or eight snook and a couple of reds and maybe a trout or two on plug and fly and be home for a late breakfast. With this latest run of red tide It’s been almost a month since I have been fishing. At 71 years old, I don’t have a month to waste not fishing. My grandson is three and it’s depressing to think that he will never experience the things I did growing up on Biscayne Bay and in Florida Bay. Keep up the good work.

Steve Peterson
2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thank you. I just joined Captains For CLean Water.

Steve Peterson
2 years ago

There’s a group of fishermen headed to Cleweston Sat 14th to protest against fouling our fishing waters on both the east coast and the west coast . Seems to me you guys at Salt Strong should be involved or you become part of the problem.

Jeff Birdwell
2 years ago

Hey guys I caught my first Tarpon on Monday at Anna Maria’s Bean Point. I was by myself to boot! I captured some of it on my cellphone video, it was absolutely amazing. I have been trying to hook one for three years …. bucket list fish, done.

2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Luck, I posted the videos on your FB page yesterday. Thanks for the reply.

Thomas Herzog
2 years ago

Can’t wait to see these new tips on tarpon. I sure could have used some tips my last time out. I swear I had a huge tarpon laughing at me as I threw everything I had at him in my tackle bag and he wouldn’t bite. Even a very large threadfin didn’t entice him.

2 years ago

WOW–that was an amazing catch

Eric Lhopitault
2 years ago

Nice!!!would love to fish for tarpon from a kayak in the Tampa Bay Area. I’m sure I’m not the only one so it would be awesome if you could make a tutorial about it. Thank you 💪
By the way I’m a huge fan of Peter Miller, thank you for bringing him aboard.

Cam Allen
2 years ago

That. Was. Rad.

Jeff Powell
2 years ago

That is so awesome!

Guy Leveille
2 years ago

Whoa!!!! That’s what I’m talking about! Peter Miller gettin Salt Strong on a monster Silver King!!!! That was a great video! Look forward to watching the full length! Catching one of those beasts is one of my top 3 goals in salt water fishing. Look forward to the day when I get one on the line!
Thanks for shooting and sharing the video!

2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Awesome! Can’t wait! Thanks Luke! Enjoy the Meetup this weekend! Tight Lines!