Why Florida’s Estuaries Are Under Attack (And How To Fix It): Captains For Clean Water

By: Joe Simonds on April 13, 2018
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Water mismanagement.

Lake Okeechobee discharge.

Big Sugar.

Toxic algae blooms.

Our priceless estuaries under attack…

It’s a fact that the coastline in Florida is under some serious pressure when it comes to water quality, the health of our estuaries, and the future of inshore fishing around the state.

What isn’t so clear is WHY (and HOW to fix it).

That’s why we brought on Capt. Daniel Andrews from Captains For Clean Water to discuss all of the latest updates (and to clarify some of the misinformation that is circling around regarding the water quality issues).

If you aren’t familiar with Daniel and Captains For Clean Water, they are helping lead the charge against all of the water mismanagement issues that our three main estuaries are facing.

In this Fish Strong podcast episode, Capt. Andrews reveals everything going on behind the scenes when it comes to solving the problems our fisheries face in Florida.


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Captains For Clean Water

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