THIS Is The Most Exciting Inshore Fish To Catch


In your opinion, what’s the most EXCITING inshore fish to catch?

For me, it doesn’t get much better than this…

Don’t miss the action in the video below!!

The Most Exciting Inshore Fish To Catch [VIDEO]

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Lures That Caught Fish:

I saw some commotion on the surface so I threw my lure over to it and HELD ON!!!

The first catch of the day ended up being a beautiful redfish which was a thrill but to me juvenile tarpon are the MOST EXCITING if you can get into them.

They are so fun to catch!!!

You don’t need special equipment to target these juvenile-sized fish.

After a trip like this, I always get asked the same two questions.

What did you catch those fish on? And where were you fishing?

The redfish at the start of the video was caught using our 4-inch F.R.E.D. Mulligan Paddletail lure.

All of the tarpon you saw me hook into were caught using our 5-inch Alabama Leprechaun Jerk Shad.

Lures are important but they’re not nearly as important as being where the feeding fish are.

This is what we do at Salt Strong.

Once you know how to find the feeding fish, everything else will come easy to you.

If you aren’t happy with the quantity and quality of fish you’re currently catching, go ahead and think about joining us in the Insider Club.

We’ll point you in the right direction no matter where you’re fishing or what you’re targeting.

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Thomas J Utley
9 months ago

Awesome job Pat and the video was spot on … !

Mark Garcia
9 months ago

Hey pat! What kind hold do you have for you phone?

Pablo Diaz
9 months ago

Nice video and action Pat!!! Caught my first tarpon this year, and it was so much fun !!

Steven Free
9 months ago

Yea I agree pat they are exciting only caught 1 in my life I was fishing in brackish water in the green cove springs area where I used to live and dishing for bass on my niebors seawall using the old bone and silver spook jr topwater in the evening saw some fish coming up to the surface apparently they were gulping air a trait I heard they do when the water gets real hot well it was around this time of year so it was so when I casted to the fish one immediately slammed the topwater jumping and running screaming the drag like no other finally got it in about 4 and a half feet long about 15 lbs with a pair of eyes the size of a coffer cup saucer after I made sure it has regained its strength I took a quick photo and let it go I have hooked but did not land 2 other tarpon but they were not juvies they were full grown the first an estimated 150 pounder in my yak fishing the dames point t bridge lights at night with a hard plastic live target suspending pilchard twitchbait when I hooked that one it only lasted about 30 seconds before breaking my 20 lb flouro leader and when it jumped it made a splash so big it literally rocked my yak with the waves it was like someone drove a truck off the bridge into the water below the second I was fishing a dock also in millcove and decided it was going to be a last cast because it was getting windy and late I was using my trusty spinnerbait for flounder or refs pitched it under a dock and wham one slammed it and shot out the other side of the pilings before running my line against some very narly barnacle crusted pilings breaking me off after about 10 seconds again nit a juvenile but about a 75 pound adult millcove in the 50s and 60s before all the houses that are surrounding the cove were built used to be a world class tarpon fishery alot of guides used to take there clients there anyways thanks for the opinion and info and all you do😉👍

Mark R Johnson
9 months ago

In Maryland, the closest thing we have to the tarpon are the American and Hickory shad. There is a reason why they are called “the poor mans tarpon”. A 22″ shad will give you a great fight for their size and are known for their aerial acrobats. Granted they don’t fight like a bluefish, but they certainly provide some great catch and release fishing during the spring shad run.

Thomas Moran
9 months ago

While rarely fishing in an area where tarpon are commonly found, once in a while I’m further south (Outer Banks NC, lower Chesapeake Bay) where a few can be found. So far haven’t hooked one but definitely top 5 on my fish bucket list!

In the Mid-Atlantic area, bluefish may be the strongest challenger in overall fighting ability, though they don’t leap like a poon (few fish do). Blues over 5 lbs. put up one heck of a strong fight, though leaps don’t compare. I wonder how folks who have caught 10 lb. blues and tarpon would compare them. Anybody?


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