Weekly Newsletter: 8-22-21

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Do you know how to make a dropper rig for sheepshead?

Have you used the new Plano Edge tackle trays?

And are you making the biggest bridge fishing mistakes?

See these tips in this week’s newsletter, plus:

  • Why you should remove your soft plastics from hooks
  • If your boat anchor is on the list for best or worst anchors
  • The best fishing gloves to protect your hands
  • What the history of red tide has taught us
  • The #1 mistake surf anglers make with Fishbites

Check out these tips and more in the newsletter below!

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The Plano Edge Flex Tackle Tray Review (Pros, Cons, & Bonus Tips)

Have you used these waterproof tackle boxes yet? If you've ever had water get into your tackle tray, you know it can be a nightmare and...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [August 20th to 22nd]

See what strategy you should use to catch some great inshore fish this weekend based on the latest feeding trends and the full moon tides.
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The Best Rig For Catching Sheepshead Around Heavy Structure

If you are planning to fish for sheepshead around heavy structure, you'll want to have the best rig to reduce your chances of breaking off...
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3 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Fishing Gloves

Gloves can protect you from the sun, bugs, and injury. And gloves can help you avoid having to put harsh chemicals on your skin that may...
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The History Of Red Tide & Sewage In Tampa (And Lessons Learned)

Are you curious about how long red tide has been affecting the Tampa Bay area? This issue is not new and how we were able to overcome it...
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This Is Why You Should Not Leave Your Soft Plastics On Hooks

If you always leave your soft plastic lures on your hooks, then you'll want to watch this. Although it's convenient, you may think twice...
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Jetty and Surf Fishing for Bull Reds, Speckled Trout, Sharks, and More! [Insider Report]

Nothing beats the simplicity of fishing on foot, but surf and jetty fishing is anything but easy! There’s so much open water, and it’s tough...
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This Is The #1 Mistake That Surf Anglers Make With Fishbites

If you've ever used Fishbites EZ Baits, you know they work incredibly well when catching fish from the beach. But if you are making this...
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How To Pick The Ultimate Tarpon Rod (To Catch Monster Tarpon)

If you're thinking about targeting tarpon, you'll need to have the right rod to get the job done! Tarpon are tough fighters and you need...
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What Knots Should You Use For Different Lures & Presentations

Do you use the same knot for all types of artificial lures? This may be affecting your presentation in the water and if you don't use the...
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What Are The Best-Kept Bridge Fishing Secrets (And Biggest Mistakes)

Do you love to fish on or around bridges but aren't having much luck? There are some BIG mistakes to be made around bridges and if you are...
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Insider Spot Dissection Request – Aripeka/Hudson FL

In this Spot Dissection we will be looking at ideal spots in an area requested from Insider Member “Scooby Schnack” The area shown as an...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 8-19-21 [Lure Selection Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:00:52 – Weighted hook vs Jig on...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Trevor Farrar

It's time for the Strong Angler of the Week! This week we're talking to Trevor who just had an EPIC day on the water with his son TJ and...
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This Is The Amount Of Anchor Chain You Need For Your Boat

Do you know how much anchor chain you need for anchoring in different scenarios? Typically when fishing you want the least amount so you...
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