What Knots Should You Use For Different Lures & Presentations


Does your knot style change with different lure types?

It’s not really about the lure but more about the presentation!

Snug knots versus loop knots will help create a different movement in the water.

So in this new video, you’ll learn which knot to use with different lures for the perfect presentation (so you can catch more fish)!

Check it out below!

Snug Knot Vs Loop Knot For Lures [VIDEO]

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The two knots that I tie the most for my artificial lures are the Trilene knot (snug) and the non-slip loop knot (loop).

Here’s the breakdown of which knot to use with different types of lures:

  • Topwater = Loop Knot
  • Stick Baits/Jerk Shads = Loop Knot
  • Shrimp Lure = Loop Knot
  • Paddletail = Snug Knot

When you need an erratic retrieve for ambush predators, go with a loop knot because it allows the lure have more freedom of motion in the water.

This works well with topwater lures to walk the dog, jerk baits, and shrimp lures.

If you need a more streamlined presentation, then go with a snug knot.

A snug knot is great for a steady retrieve or for jigging lures off of the bottom.

Here are the lures used in this video:

Want to learn how to tie these knots? Check out the links below.

Trilene Knot

Non-slip Loop Knot

Have any questions about what knot to use with different presentations?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who is not sure of what knot to use for different lures, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Jerry Dexter
2 years ago

I like the palomar knot because it’s stronger an I have lost some trophy fish because of weak knots, and line.

Brian Hunter
2 years ago
Reply to  Jerry Dexter

Me too, but Tony knows what he’s doing!

Franklin Valencia
2 years ago
Reply to  Brian Hunter

i agree Palomar and Loop knots are the only knots I use for lures…has been zero failure compared to the others. FG knot for mono to braid leaders.

Gary Brady
2 years ago

I use loop knot on my paddletails. I use clinch knot on mirrolure/plugs.

Michael Greene
2 years ago

I used a loop knot on a moonwalker to help it have a s much action as possible however, most casts the line gets tangled in the hooks. Mostly the front hook. I admit that it still has treble hooks on it and I know you guys go to a single hook but is there anything I can do to prevent these tangles. Frustrating.

Earl e. Barnette
2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Greene

why don’t o use a click type hook up

Jonathan Fortune
2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Greene

Make the loop knot smaller. I’ve had it snag when the loop is too big

Brian Hunter
2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Greene

Might try closing your bail just as the lure is hitting the water to keep slack out of the line at a critical time. If that doesn’t help, you can always try a split ring on the eye and tie a snug knot to it. Good luck.

Jonathan Fortune
2 years ago

Awesome video Tony.


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