This Is The #1 Mistake That Surf Anglers Make With Fishbites


It’s beach fishing time!

And if you want an easy, no mess, fish crushing bait then I would definitely check out Fishbites.

But don’t make this BIG mistake with Fishbites or you may lose a ton of fish!

In this new video, you’ll learn what NOT to do when using this awesome bait.

Check it out below!

#1 Fishbites Mistake [VIDEO]

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The most important thing to remember when using Fishbites is you don’t need a huge piece to catch fish!

Use the fingernail rule and match the size of the Fishbites to the size of your hook.

Most of the fish we’re targeting in the surf have really small mouths.

So the size of your thumbnail is as big as you need.

Also, I use a pompano rig with Fishbites.

And here’s how to tie a pompano rig!

Typically I’ll have this bait out in the 2nd and 3rd gut on the outgoing tide.

And in the 1st and 2nd gut on the incoming tide.

Do you have any questions about Fishbites and how to use them?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Jerry Dexter
4 months ago

Thanks Wyatt

michael Casey
4 months ago

Typically I’ll have this bait out in the 2nd and 3rd gut on the outgoing tide.

And in the 1st and 2nd gut on the incoming tide.

What does this mean?

Mark Creech
4 months ago

What are the floats he was using?

Capt Jesus Lopez
4 months ago

After researching these baits. I decided to try em. And man do they work. Some days it’ll out fish cut mullet. While redfishing.Also, very effective under a Poppin cork on the flats!! I highly recommend fishbites!!

Mel Crissey
4 months ago

Very good tip on sizing of Fishbites Wyatt. I’ve been using them for several years and have had great success in the surf of Mustang Island and North Padre Island fishing from the beach and with my boat anchored out just beyond the first breakers.

Tony Newsome
4 months ago

I like that that aluminum beach cart with those large balloon tires and raised bucket/bait cutting table. Where may I one of these?

Wayne Hallock
4 months ago

What beach cart is that? I’m looking for one.

4 months ago

Hi I tried this bait a couple of times never got any bites

Matthew stevens
4 months ago

Always cut mine to thumb size tip with small joint of shrimp and have a blast catching whiting in surf. Can rarely ruunmored than 2 rods

4 months ago

Because of the small mouthes on these fish I’ll use a 1/0 hook rather then a 2/0. You can catch a big fish on a small hook but you can’t catch a small fish on a big hook


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