How To Tie Your Own Pompano Rig (Great Rig For Surf Fishing)


In this video, I’m going to show you how to tie my favorite surf fishing rig — the pompano rig.

Although many people call it by this name, you might have also heard it called:

  • chicken rig
  • spot rig
  • mullet rig
  • three float hook rig

And it doesn’t just catch pompano — I’ve caught sharks, whiting, black drum, and other species using it.

Of course, you could buy it from the store for about $3-4, but it’s really easy to make yourself and save some money.

Plus, the way I’ll show you to tie it also gives you some options to customize it depending on where you’re fishing, or what species you’re targeting.

Learn how to tie the pompano rig in the video below.

How To Tie The Pompano Rig [VIDEO]

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Here’s what you need to tie this rig:

  • Monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line
  • Barrel swivels (I used #2 swivels in this video)
  • Snap swivels (I used #2 Tsunami snap swivels in this video)
  • Floats (you can buy them, or learn to make your own here)
  • Beads (I recommend orange)
  • Hooks (I recommend circle or Kahle hooks)
  • Heavy sinker (I like pyramid, storm, or tongue sinkers)
    • The weight of the sinker depends on current and depth

Here are the steps to tie it:

Step 1: Pull out about 5 feet of line

Step 2: Tie on the snap swivel to one end (I like to use a clinch knot here)

Step 3: Snap on your sinker

Step 4: Tie the first dropper loop about 10 inches above the sinker

The loop should be about 3-4″ long

Learn how to tie a dropper loop here.

Step 5: Tie the second dropper loop about 10 inches above the first one

Step 6: Tie third dropper loop about 10 inches above the second one

Step 7: Slide the float over the first dropper loop

Step 8: Slide the bead over the first dropper loop

Step 9: Connect the hook to the loop using a quick switch knot

This is not only a strong connection, but also allows you to quickly switch out components of the rig

Step 10: Repeat steps 7-9 with the other two dropper knots

Step 11: Tie on the barrel swivel to the top of the rig

Step 12: Go catch fish!


pompano rig materials

The pompano rig is my go-to rig whenever I’m surf fishing.

Not only does it catch pompano, but I’ve also caught whiting, black drum, sharks, and other species on it.

Have any questions about tying this rig?

What’s your favorite surf fishing rig?

Let me know in the comments below.

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john holm
8 months ago

I have two questions:

1 – Why such a heavy line, I would have thought a lighter line would provide more hookups.
2 – When attaching the hook, why to the half turn after putting the loot=p through the eye of the hook?

Forrest Perry
1 year ago

@wyatt, quick question; you guys often reference cutting down on extra hardware. Any particular reason to use the snap swivel as opposed to another loop at the end that could be tied onto the weight with a girth hitch?

1 year ago

Can I use the drop down rig for pompano? I think it is so much easier.

Richard Van Gilder
2 years ago

Not sure how much flotation each float gives but would it help if you started with 1 on the loop closest to the weight and then use 2 on the 2nd and 3 on the 3rd ? I.e. do we want them at different depths or is it more effective to all be at the same level?

John Haines
2 years ago

Would you use one clam fishbite, one crab fishbite and one shrimp fishbite on the same rig, to see what’s being hit that day? If so, does the order make a difference?

Richard Fiorentino
2 years ago

Thanks – My sight and dexterity is not very good. If I use a surgeons not to create the loops, does that make the rig a lot less effective?

Last edited 2 years ago by Richard Fiorentino
Ricardo Herrera
2 years ago

I wonder if foam ear plugs could work as a hook float. Get 50 pairs for $10 on Amazon and most hardware stores

2 years ago

What size hooks do you suggest?

William A Mousseau
3 years ago

you did not say what size the hooks are can you give me the size ????

Sam P
3 years ago

Best hole maker for flip flops. Harbor Freight Hollow punch set. It costs about $5.00 cuts perfect hole easily.


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