3 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Fishing Gloves


Putting bug spray and sunscreen on your hands will help protect you from bugs and the sun.

But those harsh chemicals could also be repelling fish!

So in this new video, you’ll learn why I wear fishing gloves and the best ones for the money.

Check it out below!

Why You Should Wear Fishing Gloves [VIDEO]

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Here’s why I wear fishing gloves:

Protection From The Sun

The tops of your hand can get really burnt.

And long-time sun exposure can lead to much worse (think skin cancer).

But using chemicals like sunscreen on your hands can transfer to your reel, your line, and your lures.

These chemicals can absolutely affect your ability to catch fish.

Bug Protection

If you’re constantly getting bit on your hands, it can be really annoying.

But putting bug spray all over your hands can repel more than just bugs!

When those chemicals transfer to your lures you can scare away the fish.

Protection From Fishing Line

When you’re using braid, you can cut your fingers really easily with your line if you’re not careful.

If you’re going after larger fish and you grab the line, gloves will help protect your hands from getting cut up from the line.

Pro Tip: Do not pick up a fish with dry gloves. Dip your hands and gloves in the water because you must protect the slime coat on the fish.

Fishing gloves also help you avoid blisters when paddling.

Cordova Rock Fish Half-Finger Fishing Gloves

Have any questions about handling fish with fishing gloves on?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Chris Stanard
11 months ago

Great vid, Tony. There is another reason for gloves. Getting “finned” or stuck by a fish can really hurt. Additionally, there are some nasties on those fish spikes that can cause serious problems if the skin is broken. I have a friend that was stuck and developed a lesion that would not heal. Some kind of rare bacteria. Still problems after a year! He is not the only one.
Made me a believer in wearing gloves!

Lyle Crafton
11 months ago
Reply to  Chris Stanard

Vibrio vulnificus & Wounds | Vibrio Illness (Vibriosis) | CDC Nasty bug, don’t want to catch this one.

Anthony Bishop
11 months ago

I like the full fingered rock fish. Then I can also keep from burning my thumb on my conventional surf set up!

Steven Free
1 year ago

I guess I never had the problems you guys do without gloves I’ve never really been bitten by bugs on my hands while fishing and or worried about skin cancer either I tan extremely fast and use a very good sunscreen unless I’m fishing in the wintertime and as far as chemicals on my hands after applying the sunscreen I first wipe my hands off with a rag then I use alcohol wipes leaving no trace of sunscreen on my hands you guys in central and South Florida are crazy wrapping yourself up like an ancient Egyptian mummy with haters long sleeve shirts and paints gloves and the works that’s to crazy hot for me I remember a time when I had a roommate who lived in tamerac fl about a 4 hour drive from Jax fl where we lived and do now as well it was only around mid may not even summer yet and it was so damn hot that when i stepped onto the blacktop pavement of the parking lot my sandle stuck to it so bad i struggled to get it free!!!! Yea and you guys fish in this dressed the way you do?!! Hell no i would fish naked if i could and actually probably could considering my number one spot that i fish at night i never see anyone else there and to me night fishing in florida during the summer is the only way i can fish it to me wearing a lot of clothes and sweating your you know what off is literally insane and you all can have it I tried long sleeve shirts the ones that are supposedly so cool and that’s pure bunk the only time I ever fish with a shirt on is winter or late fall and early spring but once it hits 90 or above it’s off with the shirt and you know what I love a nice deep dark tan and not looking like a pasty white walking dead zombie but have at it you want to suffer go for it but I know what works and is more comfortable that’s for sure works for me😉

Rex Russo
1 year ago

Nice words of advice! Those Cordova Gloves look very good for the price. I’ve been buying inexpensive mechanic gloves from HD and HF. They work great but for the need to cut the tips of the index and thumb so knots can be tied with gloves on.

Scott C Barnard
1 year ago

I can see where handling the fish with gloves on could injure them. Thinking that using the fish gripper as much as possible might be a solution.

Kenneth Boston
1 year ago

thank you Tony. I like using gloves too! although sometimes I forget to grab them out of the truck lol. the next time someone asks why I wear gloves with a smirk on their face, Ill show them this video.

Jerry Dexter
1 year ago

I have just started using gloves, I fish from a boat, problem I’m having is fish slime on the gloves, really bad after just one day on the water, can’t put them with the regular wash because of he smell, Got any ideas?

Ed Librick
1 year ago

Good info Tony. What is the possibility of stocking quality fishing gloves in the store?

Jonathan Getz
1 year ago

For kayak anglers, I consider them a must. For all the reasons you listed, including paddling your kayak. I’ve really liked my Glacier Gloves. I’ve bought two pair after I lost one glove of the first pair.

Adam Bailey
11 months ago
Reply to  Jonathan Getz

I also like Glacier Gloves. I have the Ascension Bay Sun Glove. Search “Glacier Glove discount program” on SS.com. Insiders may still be able to use the discount code for 40% off.


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