This Is The Amount Of Anchor Chain You Need For Your Boat


Anchor chain is very important!

If you have too much, you’ll make a ton of noise and spook fish.

If you have too little, your anchor may not be very effective.

So in this video, you’ll learn the standard amounts of anchor chain you need based on the conditions you fish in.

Check it out!

How Much Anchor Chain Do You Need [VIDEO]

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When selecting an anchor chain for your anchor, factor in the depths and types of situations you’ll mainly be fishing in.

Are you fishing in heavy current, no current, or against bridges?

Make sure you get stainless steel or galvanized anchor chain.

Here are the rules for how much anchor chain you will need for your boat:

  • Heavy current and heavy wind =  10-15 ft of anchor chain (Think offshore or nearshore)
  • Light current = 6ft of chain (Inshore)
  • No current = no chain

Remember the least amount of chain you use, the quieter you’ll be so as to not spook fish.

But the less effective your anchor could be!

So it’s a balancing act in order to have the perfect amount of chain.

And don’t forget to check out “The Best Boat Anchors Of All Time (Ranked Strongest To Worst…)” to see where your anchor ranks!

Have any questions about determining how much anchor chain you need?

Let me know down in the comments!

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