How To Fish The Weedless Shrimp Rig Around Docks (LIVE Fishing Trip)


One of the absolute best ways to catch lots of fish is using this live “weedless” shrimp rig around docks.

Not only does it attract bites from almost everything like grouper, sheepshead, snook, and redfish…

But when rigged correctly, it stays completely weedless which allows you to fish areas with structure (and lose WAY less tackle).

Check out our LIVE fishing trip around docks to see this rig in action!

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How To Fish The Weedless Shrimp Rig [VIDEO]

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How To Fish The Weedless Shrimp Rig [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped table of contents from our day at the docks:

  • 2:45 – Quick how-to make a weedless shrimp rig (detailed steps are here)
  • 3:41 – Mini casting lesson
  • 6:45 – Do you really need to use fluorocarbon line?
  • 8:40 – Joe breaks the record for smallest fish
  • 9:44 – Let the current be your friend
  • 11:13 – This is real-world fishing
  • 12:42 – Have you seen our Insider Reports? If not, join here!
  • 16:50 – Proper dock etiquette
  • 17:31 – Do NOT do this if you get snagged
  • 19:27 – Have you heard of Sam the banana man?
  • 27:31 – Joe’s starting a book club
  • 28:32 – Don’t feed the animals
  • 29:50 – This is the ultimate predator inshore
  • 31:15 – Rods Used Today Dock Fishing:
  • 35:17 – Not all docks are created equal
  • 38:46 – Use this when targeting fish that feed off of scent, around structure
  • 42:17 – New reporting and information coming for wade and surf fishing


weedless shrimp rig

Dock fishing is definitely one of the easiest ways to get yourself and your friends on a bunch of fish fast.

And if you want to keep your rigs instead of losing them, the weedless shrimp rig is the way to go!

Have you tried this rig yet?

Let me know down in the comments!

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10 days ago

Spots are fine table fare! Never seen one on the west coast, but ate them for years as a kid when I used to vacation at my grandparent’s place on Singer Island next to the Sailfish Marina over near the Palm Beach Inlet. By the way, the Sam story was very cool. Thanks for sharing.

Last edited 10 days ago by Matt Pfeiffer
Lyle Crafton
11 days ago

Bullet weight = snagless fish finder rig. Will have to try it out.

Matt Price
14 days ago

Ringtails are great to eat, used to catch a bunch of them up in Jacksonville sheepshead fishing

Jean Long-Thomason
15 days ago

Great day of fishing. A lot of great information. Good job of releasing fish away from dolphin. Sorry Joe, didn’t enjoy your book review.

Lee Chaney
15 days ago

Have you rigged the prawn shrimp like this?

15 days ago

Hi guys, loved the video. The only thing I concern myself with is the fact that I have a 17′ tracker boat. and I worry that I will not be able to go into water’s like in the bay areas. I am a newbie with the boat. This is my first boat. Can you give me some good advice to boost my confidence? thanks, guys tight lines.

John Rhoden
15 days ago
Reply to  IRA NEWMAN

My advice would be to put hours in, become more familiar comfortable, and as you grow your comfort in operating the vessel, you will become more comfortable in less stable waters.

17 is fairly good size. I think the Trackers sit fairly high in the water. Definitely wouldn’t do jetty or something with a big channel for large ships to travel. Open waters would be too much. You should be able to maneuver most any river or waterway inshore.

Lyle Crafton
11 days ago
Reply to  IRA NEWMAN

Confidence will come with time and practice. Don’t exceed the abilities of your boat. Trust your gut, better safe than sunk. Safety devices are paramount. I always where vest when underway and clipped into the kill switch.

Your Tracker will work great for inshore fishing, tons of area to access. Enjoy!!!


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