How To Rig Dead Shrimp On A Jig Head For More Bites [VIDEO]

By: Joseph Simonds on April 25, 2017
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how to rig dead shrimp on a jig head

It’s shrimp tactic time again!

Shrimp is a staple food source for just about all species of inshore (and many offshore) fish.

The only bad news is that live shrimp don’t last very long (especially if you are fishing from a kayak).

But even though some of your bait may be lifeless at the bottom of your bucket by the time you get to your spot, don’t get discouraged!

Fresh dead shrimp is a super effective bait to use to target inshore fish such as redfish, black drum, trout, and snook (especially if they are being very stubborn and will not take an artificial bait).

Even though the shrimp is now dead, it can be just as effective as live shrimp by rigging it on a jig head and using it as if it was an artificial lure.

Let’s discuss the best ways to rig dead shrimp.

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Two Ways To Rig A Shrimp On A Jig Head

rigging shrimp

Version 1:

The 1st method, which is shown in the video below, is my go-to method when sight casting to fish.

Simply pop the shrimp’s head off and insert the jig to replace its head.

Note: This is the same as if you were rigging a Berkley Gulp Shrimp on a jig head.

Feed the hook into the shrimp and pop it back out through its back and the head of the jig head should be in place of where the shrimp’s head used to be.

It should look something like this:

how to rig a dead shrimp

Version 2:

The 2nd way to rig a shrimp on a jig head (this can be done to live or dead shrimp) is to pinch off the very end of the tail.

You would then insert the jig head through the tail and have the hook come out the bottom side of the shrimp.

This is an effective way of imitating a shrimp that is fleeing from a predator as they naturally dart backward to keep an eye on the predator.

Dead Shrimp Rigging Tips

  • The key to using dead shrimp is to be sure they are FRESH.
  • Old frozen shrimp (or shrimp that has been dead for a while in a hot bucket of water) will become very soft and mushy. This will cause your bait to either fly off the hook when you cast (or be easily picked clean by bait fish).
  • To keep your shrimp fresh and from spoiling, keep them in a bag on ice. If you are in a kayak or small vessel, a small lunch box sized soft sided cooler is an easy way to keep your shrimp cool.
  • You can either buy some live shrimp and use this method once your shrimp start to die off, or you can simply ask your local bait shop for fresh dead shrimp. They will typically just go through their tank and bag up a bunch of die-offs and give you a pretty good deal on them.

In the following video, you will see how I rig up dead shrimp on a jig head as an awesome bait for sight casting to fish that are reluctant to take an artificial lure.

I was also able to catch a really nice black drum using this method… Pa-POW!

Best Way To Rig Dead Shrimp On A Jig Head [VIDEO]

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Dead shrimp can be highly effective for catching inshore fish.

The most important thing is that they shrimp are fresh.

After that, it’s as simple as ripping off the head and rigging it just like you would an artificial shrimp on a jig head.

Then wait for a tight line!

So what do you think?

Any other ways that you like to rig shrimp?

Let me know in the comments.

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Combs Combs

Nice tips

Richard Fiorentino

Tony – In my area many fishermen always use popping corks. What do you think of them?

Steven Free

Sounds great Tony the only question being you said the second method is to hook the shrimp so the hook comes out undernieth it seems to me if you did that the hook would snag on the bottom more then if you pinch the tail off as you said then hook the shrimp so that the hook point faces the tail basically so it is retrieved backwards like a fleeing shrimp would do if a fish tried to eat it maybe thats what you ment either way its great advice your a terrific angler and really know your stuff thanks for all you do and say 😊


Can’t wait to try it out……..

Robert Lachowski
Robert Lachowski

That video was text book fishing,..impressive all day long , need to get some !!!

Tony Acevedo

Thanks for the feedback Robert!

David Shames

Thanks Tony. I was noticing your gloves. Do you remember what brand they are?

Tony Acevedo

Hey David,

The gloves I use are made by the company “Buff”. They are known for the face protecters they first started selling.

Charkes Moresi

Do you have a video showing the best way to rig fishing with live shrimp?

Tony Acevedo

Hey Charles,

We sure do! You can check it out here:


Thanks for this guys. Nice video and I will definitely give this a try.

Tony Acevedo

No problem!

Kevin Lynch

Another informative post & video.
Thank you.
Question regarding Tip Version 2:
Wouldn’t it be better to insert the jig head through the tail and have the hook come out the “Top” (instead of the bottom) side of the shrimp?
Keep up the Excellent work.

David LaPointe

If you put it through the top close to where the tail was and then turn the jig and reinsert it a little further forward it will snug the shrimp up to the jig head and then you have a natural looking presentation. Leave shrimp whole and only pinch off the tail for this method and I guarantee you will catch fish.

Bob Hartwein

Great directions! Also Beautiful Drum! I enjoy your site & currently using the knot that you recommended. I experienced only one breakout & attribute that to “not enough half hitch knots” 😉

Tony Acevedo

Thank you for the feedback Bob!

Frank Cervantes

Your video came just in time ! I live & fish the charleston SC area ! Getting ready to fish the outgoing tide ! I’ll let y’all know how this method works ! Thanks ! Tight lines !

Luke Simonds

Glad to see that it was well timed. Best of luck to you out on the water!