How To Retrieve An Artificial Shrimp Lure (For Best Results!)


Is there a trick or easier way to retrieve an artificial shrimp lure?

The techniques used in the video below apply to any type of artificial shrimp lure rigging.

Master the Power Prawn USA with the methods described below!!

How To Retrieve An Artificial Shrimp Lure [VIDEO]

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Everyday Retrieve

This is the retrieve I use to dial in on what the fish are responding to that day and see when in the retrieve they’ll strike.

First, cast the shrimp lure out and then let it sink to the bottom.

The type of fish we’re after, which is mainly flounder or redfish, are bottom feeders.

Once it sinks to the bottom, close up the bail and give the lure two twitches by moving the rod up slightly.

This imitates shrimp bouncing along the bottom.

The key here is keeping the rod tip up after those two twitches to create a semi-slack in the line.

This actually allows the shrimp lure to glide forward instead of falling straight down to the bottom.

You can cover a bit more ground in less time and it behaves more naturally like a shrimp.

Repeat this process all the way back to you.

The severity of the twitches and lengths of pausing is solely dependent upon the behavior of the fish on that given day.

If the fish are kind of laid back and in a neutral mood, you would want to pause for a longer time and lessen the severity of the rod twitches.

But if the fish are actively feeding, then you can pick up the cadence of your retrieve.

From there, you can make further adjustments based on what the fish are telling you.

Tailing Fish or Sightfishing Retrieve

Your cast placement here is critical.

The goal here is to cast your lure behind the fish and at least a few feet in front of the direction it’s headed.

That way you can try and intercept the fish as it cruises along.

You don’t want to cast directly on top of the fish or else you may risk spooking them off.

When I visibly see the fish, I drag the lure across the bottom back to me in an effort to intercept the fish.

The idea behind this is to help the fish find your lure.

You don’t want to bring your lure to the fish, because that is not a natural presentation for shrimp.

However, if your shrimp lure is crawling along the bottom, the fish might believe it is not aware of a predator in the area and see an easy meal to strike.

Flounder Retrieve

I use a slightly different retrieve when targeting flounder.

First, cast the lure out and let it sink to the bottom.

Then, point the rod tip at the lure and slowly drag it about 12-18 inches across the bottom.

Reel in the slack and continue this retrieve all the way in.

For the freshwater anglers out there, it is similar to working a Carolina rig.

My main goal here is to keep the lure in contact with the bottom at all times.

If you can keep this lure on the bottom, you’ll only increase your chances of hooking into a flounder.

Typical Shrimp Lure Rod & Reel Setup

I’ve got the Daiwa BG MQ 2500 paired with the TFO Tactical Inshore 7’6 Medium.

The BG MQ is spooled up with 10lb PowerPro braid tipped with 20lb Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon leader.

I have gone back to fluorocarbon in some situations but monofilament will work just fine.

The shrimp lures we use are on the lighter side so this rod in the Medium or Medium-Light power gives just enough of a casting distance boost.


shrimp lure size and color selection

Keep in mind the techniques described above will work with just about every kind of artificial shrimp lure out there.

The goal is to try and call the fish to your lure and behave as naturally as possible so the fish can’t help but strike.

Do you have any additional questions about retrieving artificial shrimp lures or the Power Prawn USA?

Go ahead and drop any questions you have down in the comments section!!

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Larry Mendez
8 months ago

Are you salt or fish strong. He said fish strong several times. Is that in error or another site..

Robert Woodbury
8 months ago
Reply to  Larry Mendez is their tackle shop’s website. Salt Strong is the company.

Jacob Munoz
8 months ago

Thanks Pat that was just what I needed! I’ve only been success with at set up and a popping cork, I think my retrieval was off.

8 months ago

Same Otto as before back for round 2. Just wanted to say thanks for these tips. I’m new to fishing and always doubt my retrieve. Third time out with power prawn JR and FIRST time after having seen this thread… Nailed my biggest red drum yet! 20.5in and likely shy of 5lbs. I was pumped. Just wish I could do it again LOL. Thanks again!

Gregg McCumber
8 months ago


Great video

Your thoughts on when best to use a shrimp lure versus a jerk shad or paddle tail lure. Also your thoughts on shrimp colors to use when and where


8 months ago
Reply to  Gregg McCumber

Commenting to follow, curious as well!

Michael Garcia
8 months ago

Hey Pat, Thanks for another great lesson. Now it’s time to head to the lab (on the water, lol) and put these methods to practice. I’ve been using both sizes of the Power Prawns USA for a while and I have caught a few Reds. But lately I haven’t had much success because I’ve being doubting my presentation and changing my retrieving speeds constantly. Seeing this video came at the right time. Can’t wait to get back to the classroom to put to work what you’ve shown us. Thanks again.

Darren Toler
8 months ago

Great info as always Pat! I have wondered how much to twitch and such, this makes a lot of sense. Also I have caught flounder when just slowly dragging along the bottom, so that makes sense as well. I will try the ‘Carolina rig’ retrieve, I’m familiar with that. 🙂

MArk rIedy
8 months ago

Thanks for the tips, Pat! Do you always rig using a loop knot? And do you ever rig the shrimp as if they are moving backward? Do you think it matters?

James Foster
8 months ago

Great video, Pat! I like the details and will be practicing with the PPJ (Cockroach Bay) tomorrow morning.

MIke Hurlbert
8 months ago

Very informative thanks

Pasquale Illiano
8 months ago

Hey Pat Labor Day week going to OC Maryland for flounder fishing any extra tips on retrieving and different lures ? Thanks


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