Weekly Newsletter: 9-4-22

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“There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.”
– Steven Wright

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Note: Have you seen our Smart Fishing Spots App? Talk about a GAME CHANGER.

How To Retrieve An Artificial Shrimp Lure (For Best Results!)

Is there a trick or easier way to retrieve an artificial shrimp lure? The techniques used in the video below apply to any type of...
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How I Caught BIG Fish On A Windy Day [Insider Report]

After some recent trips I’ve noticed that the wind has been heavily influencing the bite. It seems that wind-blown areas are often holding better fish....
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Gold Digger vs. Slam Shady Bomber Experiment Report

This insider report shows a fun lure experiment in which I was testing a light color against a dark color while fishing very clear water.
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INSANE Beach Fishing for GIANTS!!! [Insider Report]

Once June rolls around every year, I start to lose more sleep… Not because it’s blazing hot here in the central part of Florida with...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [September 2nd to 4th]

This lesson shows the top strategies for catching inshore slams this weekend based on the latest feeding trends and upcoming weather.
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Exploration Fishing Trip Using Smart Spots [Insider Report]

They just keep producing! As I have been making my way throughout the country I have had the opportunity to fish a lot of different...
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How To Choose Artificial Lure Profiles And Colors

How can you know what artificial lure profiles and colors are going to catch fish on a given day? What indicators let you know which lure...
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How To Trick BIG Fish To Bite Using Different BOMBER Paddletail Lures

Can you trick big fish to bite your hook? Does it have to do with lure profile, size, color, or something else??? Find out the answers...
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What To Do When A Fish Is Following Your Topwater Lure

What is the best thing to do when a fish is following your topwater lure but won't quite commit? Sometimes it's just small boils or a...
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NEW PADDLETAIL LURE (with scales)!!!

WE'RE BRINGING A NEW PADDLETAIL LURE TO OUR SHOP!!! But this isn't your average soft plastic paddletail lure. This lure has SCALES!...
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Shutting Down Fishing At One Of The Busiest Fishing Piers Due To This???

Why are they shutting down fishing at a busy pier? The Skyway Bridge Fishing Pier is one of the most popular fishing piers in the entire...
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When Artificial Lures Outperform Live Bait And Why [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area where I believed there would be gamefish due to low water. The concept behind this...
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Quick Gold Digger BOMBER Rigging Lesson [Plus When To Use!]

It's NOW in the shop, so let's go over the Gold Digger BOMBER rigging lesson! Salt Strong BOMBER lures are 5-inch paddletails available in...
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Battling Big Fish On A Tough & Windy Day [Fishing Report]

Earlier last week, I was out battling BIG fish on a windy day in my neck of the woods! BIGGER LURES = BIGGER FISH. Don't miss this...
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Northeast Fishing Forecast (Sept. 2nd)

Hey Insiders!!! Our Friend Rich Natoli (who you’ve probably seen on Youtube catching TONS of big fish in NJ, NY, and MD!) put together a...
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