How To Choose Artificial Lure Profiles And Colors


How can you know what artificial lure profiles and colors are going to catch fish on a given day?

What indicators let you know which lure size and color to use?

Find out the answers to BOTH questions in the video right here!!

Artificial Lure Profiles And Colors [VIDEO]

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I just recently put out a video outlining all of the rigging techniques for rigging our proprietary soft plastic lures on the Hoss Helix Hook.

Afterward, a bunch of questions came in asking when would be the best time to use the different sizes and colors of lures.

When To Use Salt Strong Lure Colors

The Power Prawn USA is our artificial shrimp lure that is available in two sizes: the original 4.3-inch and the Junior 3.5-inch.

The original lure comes in either the Natural or Slam Shady colors.

Whereas the Junior is available in Natural, Slam Shady, F.R.E.D., Alabama Leprechaun, and Gold Digger colors.

The Natural color works in just about every condition and the other colors are more useful under specific weather conditions.

I recommend using the Gold Digger lure color if you are fishing in dark, muddy water when you need something to subtlely stand out.

The gold flake of the Gold Digger reflects just enough light in low-light conditions to trigger strikes.

Moreover, the F.R.E.D. color is one of my all-time favorites that I always have in my tackle box.

This color is also coming in the BOMBER lure very soon.

The F.R.E.D. color is best used in situations with clear water or if there is a lot of freshwater run-off nearby.

Slam Shady is the all-purpose fishing lure color that catches fish anywhere, anytime.

Lure Profiles

Paddletail lures are excellent search baits and all-around fishing lures you can use at any time.

They are especially useful for giving off vibrations and calling fish in from far away.

Jerk Shads are also an important lure to have in your tackle box.

I really like to use jerk shads up on grass flats for speckled trout.

The Alabama Leprechaun has been the ticket lately.

Furthermore, the BOMBER profile is my go-to when fishing on ultra-windy days during late summer or early fall.

Anytime you see larger bait around you, that is a good time to choose the BOMBER profile.

F.R.E.D. and Alabama Leprechaun BOMBER lures are coming VERY soon to the shop!!

Hoss Helix Hooks

These Hoss Helix Hooks were specifically designed to match perfectly with Salt Strong lures and to also have a wider hook gap than hooks of a similar kind.

Additionally, the action of the artificial lures is only enhanced with these rigging hooks.

It is super important your presentations appear natural and enticing or else it can spook fish.

The last thing you want is to present an unnatural offering.


It can be challenging when you look into your tackle box unsure of what to pick and throw out.

If you have confidence in a lure and use the right thinking to pick a profile and color, then you’ll find fish in no time!

Be confident in the lures you toss out!!!

Do you have any more questions for me about lure selection or lure rigging?

Let me know down below!!

And if you know someone who wants to learn more about artificial lure profiles and colors, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Bob Gething
7 months ago

Flounder season opens September 1st in North Carolina, is there any tips or techniques you have for catching these fish.

Kenneth Whiting
7 months ago
Reply to  Bob Gething

I fish the Pamlico river area and I’ve been catching so many flounder this year that Iam tired of them! The Fred in either jerk shad or power prawn has been fire. Rig the jerk shad weekless and the power prawn on a jig head and fish points or shore line with wind and current on it gulp shrimp have been really good also. All that being said Flounder season starts Thursday and they are going to get beat to death for the next month.

Courtney Ashburn
7 months ago

Whomever was moving those baits needs instruction..😂😂😂. Great tips man, as always.

Scott Posgai
7 months ago

How do you decide what size hooks to use?

James Foster
7 months ago

Terrific instructional video, Matt! Thanks!

W Clifford
7 months ago

Thanks Matt, that was very helpful.

Harold Liebersbach
7 months ago

Thanks Matt – very helpful. Really appreciated.

Loyed Ezzell
7 months ago

Great advice! You answered several question that I had about size and color selection.

James Johnston
7 months ago

Thanks Matt great job!

James Delle Bovi
7 months ago


I’m a fan of the PDF cheat sheets. I throw them in my tackle box sometimes. Do you think you could put together a cheat sheet on your favorite conditions for each lure/color ?


Anthony Bishop
7 months ago

Great video, Matt! Yes, anything with the how to in it I love to watch! Thank you again


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