How To Rig All Of The Salt Strong Fishing Lures On Hoss Helix Hooks [Tutorials]

Every day tons of questions come in asking us to show how we rig all of the Salt Strong Fishing Lures on the NEW Hoss Helix Hooks.

From the Slam Shady to the Power Prawn USA and more, we already have a bunch and are adding more proprietary lures to our tackle shop.

None of our lures are pre-rigged on hooks which increases their versatility and allows you to customize your offerings.

Learn more right here!!

Salt Strong Fishing Lures [VIDEO]

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Featured Equipment:

The Hoss Helix Hook is a new weedless weighted hook we crafted with assistance from Owner.

Hoss Helix Hooks have a wider hook gap than most weedless weighted hooks of its kind.

This gives you a massive boost when it comes to the hook-up ratio.

I like to break our soft plastic lures down into two categories based on size.

3.5-Inch Lures

weedless hooks

To begin, we have both the Power Prawn USA and the Power Prawn USA Junior.

The Power Prawn USA Junior is a 3.5-inch artificial shrimp lure that was specifically designed to include everything we’ve ever loved about shrimp lures, and omit anything we disliked about shrimp lures.

The Junior is available in FIVE colors: Natural, Slam Shady, Gold Digger, F.R.E.D., and Alabama Leprechaun.

When it comes to paddletail lures, our 2.0 series of 3.5-inch paddletail lures in a variety of colors.

There is the original Slam Shady, Gold Digger, F.R.E.D., and Flamingo Joe.

Any of our 3.5-inch soft plastic lures were designed to match up perfectly with a 3/0 Hoss Helix Hook.

The hooks shown in the video are 1/8 oz. but that may vary depending on where you are fishing.

5-Inch Lures

slam shady bomber lure

The Power Prawn USA comes in at around 4.3 inches but fits into this classification of lures.

We also have 5-inch jerk shads of a few different colors in the shop.

There is F.R.E.D. the Jerk, Alabama Leprechaun, and the Slam Shady Jerk Shad.

Our 5-inch paddletail lures are what we refer to as the BOMBER.

These lures are available in Slam Shady, Gold Digger, with Alabama Leprechaun and F.R.E.D. is coming soon!!

Rigging 2.0 Series Paddletails & The BOMBER

If you’ve ever rigged a soft plastic lure on an Owner Weighted Twistlock Hook, then this process remains relatively the same.

First, take the small spiral and insert that into the center of the paddletail lure’s head.

Twist the lure onto the hook until it is snug.

Line up the belly slot with the hook shank and then I like to use my finger to measure where the hook will rest in the lure.

Insert the hook point in the bottom and out through the top of the lure.

Make sure the hook point is directly straight on top of the lure.

You do not want your bait to appear off or unnatural in the water.

The BOMBER is a 5-inch paddletail similar to our 2.0 series just beefed up to resemble larger mullet.

The rigging techniques are the same for the BOMBER lure just with larger materials.

BOMBER paddletails have a small groove on the top that you can use as a guide to assist in rigging these lures up.

You know immediately if you rigged it up properly depending on if the hook is in the center or not.

Rigging The Power Prawn USA

You begin rigging any soft plastic lure much the same using a Hoss Helix Hook.

Begin by twisting the lure onto the hook’s spiral until it is snug and in line with the belly.

You want to make sure you are working in the center of the nose in between the two eyes of the lure.

Then, measure where the hook will be exposed with your finger and slide the hook point in and out of the top of the shrimp lure.

Again, make sure the hook is centered and aligned perfectly with the lure.

The Power Prawn USA in the original size is going to be rigged up the exact same way as described here, just with a larger hook.

Weighted Weedless Hooks

A common practice when fishing with weedless weighted hooks is to just barely skin-hook the hook point in your lures.

If you are fishing around invasive structure or dirty water filled with grass, this is how you can avoid unnatural presentations without compromising your offering.

Rigging Jerk Shads

For the larger 5-inch soft plastic lures, the Hoss Helix Hooks in a 4/0 size is the ideal pairing.

Same as described above, make sure you insert the helix directly in the center of the head of the lure.

Twist the lure onto the spiral and line the hook up with the belly slot of the lure.

Use your finger as a guide and then push the hook in and out of the top of the lure making sure it stays straight.

It is your decision if you want to skin-hook your presentation or not.


hoss helix hooks

Hoss Helix Hooks are what the team and our Insider Members are using because they are effective and maintain weedless properties.

There are often lots of structural hang-ups when we target redfish, seatrout, snook, flounder, etc. near docks, mangroves, rockpiles, or even floating grass.

All of these features pose an obstacle and a potential snag.

Hoss Helix Hooks are designed to remain weedless while also catching more fish because of their wider hook gap.

Do you have any more questions about rigging any of the Salt Strong Fishing Lures?

Was there anything that you felt we missed or needed additional explanations for?

Let me know what you thought of this tutorial video down in the comments!!

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Matthew Dolan
1 year ago

Great info as usual Matt. My question, are there any soft baits or situations that you would actually prefer the Owner Twistlock Hooks over the Hoss Helix Hooks? Thanks

John Butler
7 months ago
Reply to  Matthew Dolan

Matthew, I have the same question. However, Salt Strong Tackle only has HOSS HELIX HOOKS. I am noticing they recommend or a presenter recommends something and the shop does not have it.

David Hettenhouser
1 year ago

Thanks Matt great information on lure to hook size .

Rick Alessandrini
1 year ago

Thanks for all the information

James Foster
1 year ago

I never stop learning watching these videos! Thanks Matt & the Salt Strong team! Good stuff!

William Bell
1 year ago

I’m gonna try to hook this way. I like the way the bait is presented in the water. Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

Is this hook the same as the Owner Weighted hook?

Joe Thompson
1 year ago

Outstanding tutorial thank you for your excellent preparation and presentation
Teach us and we learn
Sell us and we will probably feel like we’re buying a used car
People will buy it show the footage it sells itself

Anthony Bishop
1 year ago

Great job, Matt, looking forward to the next lesson!

Robert Duncan, Jr.
1 year ago

Great video

Charles Nesset
1 year ago

Matt, thanks for your excellent and timely presentation. I was having difficulty with the smaller paddle tails with the hoss hooks getting lure to look straight. I think I will have success once I get back to Florida in a couple months. Have really enjoyed your on the water videos.


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