Simple Rigging Hack To Protect Soft Plastic Lures [The 90 Degree Load]


This “90 Degree Load” technique has proven to be extremely good at keep soft plastics from tearing when rigging on jigheads.

So I wanted to send you this quick video in case you aren’t yet using this method so you can increase the lifespan of your soft plastics.

Here’s a video showing how it works.

The 90 Degree Load

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The load technique can help ensure that all soft plastics that you are rigging keep from sliding down on your jighead for as long as possible.

I use it for all types of soft plastics now, and it seems to significantly help increase the amount of fish I can catch per lure.

Here’s a list of items shown in this video in case interested:


Please use the Comment section below to let us know if you’ve found any other loading techniques that can help increase the longevity of soft plastics.

I haven’t used it on every soft plastic yet, but the trials so far have all been an improvement from the basic loading that I did previously.

Tight Lines!

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Joe Sabas
5 months ago

PA-POW… That’s genius,,, Now I can unglue my fingers and pick the plastic out of my teeth ,if this works I can stop buying bulk packs of SS 2.0 and Bomber’s…LOL J.K. I like to have a full stock all the time LOL Thanks Luke

Steven Free
5 months ago

Huh never thought of that one bit I do agree it would seem to work and like I said before I found a new way to make the gulp baits tougher as well just place them in a plastic water tight leak proof container like the ones made for the gulp baits and add the juice that comes with them then add some dr juice with it take it fishing and leave it in the hot sun in a couple trips you will notice the baits seem tougher even to a point of sometimes having difficulty taking them back off the hook after your done fishing with then but they still smell as horrible as ever and they last way longer I have been doing this now for pretty much the beginning of this year and have never once had a gulp bait tear and be non usable after only one fish like I used to anyways works for me thanks for the tip wich I definitely plan on doing from now on and all you do😉

Guy Mutchler
5 months ago

This technic works well but I suggest using a quality soft plastic. There several less quality soft plastics that tear or pull down no matter how it’s rigged.

Lorraine S. DeLuca
5 months ago

That’s so smart and easy! Thanks.

David R Sicard
5 months ago

Thanks for the tip, why didn’t I think of that. Lol

Bob Hartwein
5 months ago

What a GREAT IDEA! So simple & yet makes total sense! Thanks LUKE!

Michael Castrova
5 months ago

Love the tip, so I would guess the same applies for taken off the plastics to switch out to something else. As long as you didn’t just cram it on, 90 on 90 off making them reusable in the future. Great tip, thanks!

Last edited 5 months ago by Michael Castrova
johan Mukhalis
5 months ago

Awesome tip. Will try with my plastisol baits. How about really small paddle tails?
How well does this work with the elaztech baits?

Joe Lyle
5 months ago

Great tip – another ‘Ah – Ha’ tip learned from SS! Thx. Joe

dale Darwin
5 months ago

Great tip Luke. I’ve been biting about half an inch off my soft plastics when they start to slide. Can end up with a short paddletail quick. The 90 degree load will save money and I think the 90 degree load may catch more fish on short strike days. Fish will suck the hook in before the soft plastic slides back. Awesome thanks!!


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