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Joke Of The Week: Q: How do you communicate with a fish?

A: Drop it a line!

Have you been using Smart Fishing Spots?

What are the only TWO lures you need for inshore fishing?

How does the Power Prawn USA behave underwater?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • The Best Lure For Summer Trout
  • Finding Nearshore Kingfish Using Smart Fishing Spots
  • Topwater Fishing A Small Beach From Boat (LIVE)
  • Cashion ICON Inshore Rod Casting Series Review

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Simple Rigging Hack To Protect Soft Plastic Lures [The 90 Degree Load]

This 90 degree load technique has proven to be great at increasing the longevity of soft plastic lures when rigged on jigheads.
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [August 12th to 14th]

This game plan lesson shows the types of spots to target this weekend based on the hot weather and upcoming full moon tides.
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King Me!!! Trolling For Kingfish In The Yak [Insider Report]

After leaving iCAST, I had to go back to Panama City to pick up my kayak from the kayak shop where I had some work...
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Underwater Power Prawn USA Analysis [Weighted Hook VS. Jighead]

If you have not yet fished with this lure yet, then you need to check out this underwater Power Prawn USA analysis!! In this underwater...
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Catching Snook From The Beach With Lures [Insider Report]

This lesson shows how to catch snook along the beach with lures along with tricks in finding the best sections of the beach to target.
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The Only Two Types Of Lures You Need To Catch Inshore Fish

Do you think you know the only types of lures you need to catch inshore fish? There are just TWO that you need with you at all times...
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Seagrass And Bull Redfish In Mosquito Lagoon [Insider Report]

If there is one thing you don’t see much of in the East Central Florida region, it’s seagrass. On this trip I was shocked with...
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Cashion ICON Inshore Casting Series Fishing Rod Review

We got the chance to speak with Dr. Matthew Cashion and dive deeper into a Cashion ICON Inshore Casting Series!! Cashion Rods take the...
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Using Behaviors To Find Fish [Insider Report]

In this Insider Report, I had to use what I knew about fish behavior in order to find some fish. One thing that holds true...
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Follow The Bait To Find Fish In New Areas [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area that I had no information on previously and areas that were further inland than I...
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Every Single Saltwater Angler Needs To Try This Game-Changing App!

The game-changing fishing app is revolutionizing how anglers find fish! It literally shows you exactly where and when the fish are going...
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Beach Fishing For Snook (One Lure Destroyed Everything Else!)

If you ever run out of ideas, go beach fishing for snook!! In the early hours of the morning, snook are cruising up and down the beach...
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THIS Is The Best Soft Plastic Lure For Summer Trout

What could be the best soft plastic lure for summer trout?? My summer game plan usually centers around early morning flats fishing for...
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How To Get GPS Coordinates From Smart Fishing Spots

Hey Insiders! In this Smart Fishing Spots tutorial I am going to walk you through a few ways to get GPS coordinates from the Smart...
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Finding Nearshore Kingfish Using Smart Fishing Spots [Fishing Report]

On a kayak fishing trip last week, I set out to find nearshore kingfish!! I launched off of the beach to take a nearshore-guided kayak...
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