The Only Two Types Of Lures You Need To Catch Inshore Fish


Do you think you know the only types of lures you need to catch inshore fish?

There are just TWO that you need with you at all times.

Learn what they are in the video right here!!

Lures You Need To Catch Inshore Fish [VIDEO]

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Tackle Mentioned In The Video:

The types of lures you bring with you on inshore fishing trips need to have these THREE things in common:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Effective
  3. Work all year round

Paddletail Lures

The paddletail lure is the easiest and most versatile lure that you can use when inshore fishing.

There are too many different retrieves and variations for this lure to count.

One of the most effective retrieves with a paddletail is a slow and steady crank of your reel.

Personally, the straight retrieve technique catches me the most fish out of any technique.

Paddletail lures are without a doubt a year-round lure, as well.

The only change you may have to make is the size of the paddletail and/or lure colors.

You really only need a 3.5-inch and a 5-inch paddletail in 3-4 different colors to be prepared to fish inshore.

No matter what the fish are feeding on, paddletails match the hatch and the time of year, as well as current bait in the water, will dictate which size and color you should use.

When it comes to lure colors, I prefer to have a light, a dark, and an in-between color.

I personally match that up to the Slam Shady, the Gold Digger black and gold combo, and F.R.E.D. light-pink color.

Paddletails match up to finfish and bait during any time of the year.

Artificial Shrimp Imitations

I will always have shrimp imitation lures out on the water with me on every trip.

The Power Prawn U.S.A. and Power Prawn U.S.A. Junior are the way to go.

During different times of the year, shrimp are of different sizes.

That can be attributed to different areas on the map as well as shrimp experiencing different stages of their life cycle.

It is crucial to either match the hatch to induce strikes or go a little bit bigger to make your lure stand out amongst the rest.

The retrieve for these lures is also very simple.

You can either slowly drag the lures along the bottom or gently hop them along as you retrieve it back to you.

Another excellent technique for targeting trout is throwing these lures up current and letting them drift into the trout’s faces.

Offshore, nearshore, or inshore, everything in the water eats a shrimp.

You never know what the fish are feeding on and if they will only eat shrimp that day, you need to be prepared and have a Power Prawn U.S.A. out there with you!


power prawn usa for redfish

I fish using these two lures about 90% of the time I’m out on the water.

Although I do sprinkle in other types of lures, I usually find myself circling back to these two types of lures because they always catch fish.

Head over to the tackle shop and pick these lures up if you haven’t already!!

Do you have any questions about the only lures you need to catch inshore fish?

Let me know what you think of paddletails and shrimp imitations down in the comments!!

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Lee Womble
1 year ago

Thanks Richard. Which size would you use in Baffin Bay in mid-October?

Tom Annunziata
1 year ago

Thanks for the update on retrieve and type of lure

Brad Brumback
1 year ago

Do you ever use jerk shads? I try to stay away from paddletails in really calm water.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Basically you are correct although most anglers me and obviously you included don’t only fish with just a paddletail or a shrimp imitation and I have also found that if the inshore fish are extremely aggressive and chasing bait believe it or not a topwater plug seems to be the only thing they will hit its hard to keep a paddletail on top of the water unless you reeeaaalllyyy crank the handle of your reel like a madman and they probably wouldn’t hit it anyway because it would be to fast for them anyways you get my meaning thanks for the article and all you do😉

Raymond Bierschenk
1 year ago

Great video, thanks! Short and to the point!

Josh Nickel
1 year ago

Richard in regards to the power prawn, is there a way to somehow rig it it under an adjustable float but let the current take it away from you while still getting it to look natural? Similar to using a live shrimp?

David Hettenhouser
1 year ago

Great report Richard , are you using these in Ga. And low country SC ? With this heat and crazy rain we have been having.

Tim Parr
1 year ago

What hook size and type

Bob Hartwein
1 year ago

GREAT PRESENTATION & Good Advice! Thanks Richard as Simple is really important to “Wade Fishers” as cant carry all the gear thats in the tackle box!

Joel Panian
1 year ago

I really like how simple and concise you make everything, Richard! When I first moved to Florida I was overwhelmed with not only all the different species but also the equipment! SS has helped narrow down what you need, and this post is so thorough but also so clear. Thanks so much!

Jelani Thornton
1 year ago
Reply to  Joel Panian

I second that. Thank you SS!


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