Finding Nearshore Kingfish Using Smart Fishing Spots [Fishing Report]


On a kayak fishing trip last week, I set out to find nearshore kingfish!!

I launched off of the beach to take a nearshore-guided kayak fishing trip!

This was an unforgettable day for me.

Check it all out right here!!

Finding Nearshore Kingfish [VIDEO]

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All of this was made possible thanks to the Smart Fishing Spots App.

You can quickly locate offshore structure as well as nearshore reefs all in the app with additional high-resolution features that make it seem like you are on top of the fishing spot right at home.

We don’t always know what lies at the bottom of nearshore and offshore cuts and ledges, but now with Smart Fishing Spots you actually can.

Our initial plan for this trip was to launch off of the beach at dawn and try to catch some bait first.

We stayed close to shore to gather the bait we needed before heading out to the spot we selected to fish.

When it was time to start fishing for kingfish, we faced East and let our bait out to about 100 yards of line.

I kept my drag very loose and put it back in the rod holder that way if I do get a bite, my rod stays secure.

We then began to troll with the baits behind us as we slowly pedaled along.

After just about 10 minutes, I got the first bite of the day.

But as you can see in the video, I didn’t realize I had a bite on for a good minute or so.

Kingfish Rigs

On this trip, we were using a kingfish rig with 3 treble hooks.

One treble in through the nose, another higher up in the belly, and then the last treble down near its tail.

This is all in an effort to bury the hook in the fish’s mouth to make sure we secure the catch.


nearshore fishing 101

If you have a kayak and you’re an Insider Member, then you have everything you would need to replicate this trip and more.

Its no different than any other normal fishing trip, just a bit of a different location!!

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Do you have any questions about this trip or nearshore kingfish fishing in general?

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Stuart Kidder
1 year ago

Ya man, that’s a great trip! Have you ever gone off Ft Desoto in St Pete?

Nick Caldarelli
1 year ago

Super cool trip Matt. Nothing like the drag pull of king mackerel.

1 year ago

Great video! Thanks! Here in Hawaii, all of our kayak fishing is offshore, so when you guys post these offshore videos, they resonate big time. We do a lot of Sabiki jigging for bait here, as well. We go for Shad Mackerel (local name, Opelu) for Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) and Ono (Wahoo).

patrick schill
1 year ago

Man that phone mount looks sick !! Is that the x-grip still?


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