3 Things You Can Do To Catch More Kingfish This Summer


Summer is here and the kingfish bite is hot!

And in this new video, you’ll learn quick tips to help you catch kingfish including:

  • Where to find kingfish
  • Best rig for kingfish
  • One thing to make sure you have on the boat
  • And more

Check out the video below!

3 Tips To Catch Kingfish This Summer [VIDEO]

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Where To Find Kingfish

The most important factor when fishing for kings is putting yourself in the right spot.

You’ll need to find hard structure like wrecks, reefs, and even oil platforms.

Kingfish will stay close to this structure to find food.

You can find GPS coordinates by state to find wrecks and reefs here.

How To Troll For Kingfish

Slow trolling in circles around hard structure often provides a more consistent kingfish bite.

And by varying your speed while trolling, you can cover different water depths to find where the fish are feeding in the water column.

Best Rig For Kingfish

A triple stinger rig will give you the best chance at catching kingfish.

The third hook will increase your hook-up ratio and will help you land more fish.

Since kingfish are known for striking at the middle of your baits, having hooks down the body of your bait will allow the fish to get “stung” much more easily.

The One Thing You Must Have When Fishing For Kingfish

Make sure you have a gaff on board.

Most anglers may try to tail grab a kingfish but things can get a little dicey when the sharks come up to play.

It’s much safer for you and the fish to use a gaff.

You’ll want to aim right behind the gill plate to preserve the most meat and have better control of the fish.

Click here to see how to gaff a fish.


3 tips for catching kingfish

If you’re new at trolling for kingfish you’ll want to know where to find them, what rigs to use, and make sure you have a gaff with you.

This is a relatively new topic for us so we’re looking forward to hearing what you’d like to see for future tips about nearshore fishing.

And if you have any other nearshore kingfish tactics, please let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who is eager to catch kingfish, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Russ Haynes
1 year ago

Great video. I used to do a lot of trolling for kings but got away from it chasing red snapper. Still great fun when the weather cooperates.

2 years ago

Thanks – what rod, reel, line were you using? This info is helpful on every video

Pablo Diaz
2 years ago

Great stuff Wyatt!!!

Andy Hong
2 years ago

As usual, great video production, Wyatt… and concise, straight-to-the-point presentation!

You covered several crucial strategies and tips, and I would only add two more:

1. Keep two planers in the water at two different depths, one on each side of the boat, so you can work both depths simultaneously. Drop lines on both planers. Because the planers “fly” below the boat at their tied depths, your lines can be shorter, which greatly reduces the possibility of your two lines tangling when you turn. When you hook a fish on one line, as long as the line breaks from its planer, you can keep both planers (and the other line) in the water without tangles if you reel your catch to the surface quickly. (You can also keep a third line on the surface without crossing lines while motoring, but if you hook a fish on one of the planer-dropped lines, you should have a third person on the boat reel in the topwater line to get it out of the way.)

2. Oversize your tackle and line so you can reel in your catch quickly… before the sharks and dolphins chomp it in half! Seriously, I’d say a large percentage of my mackerel hookings have resulted in “half” a catch!

George Johnson
2 years ago

thanks for the tips on king fishing
2 questions:

  1. if fishing with live bait – like a croaker or pinfish – do you use the weights or let them swim free
  2. if you are trolling – how fast?


2 years ago

Where would you target kings at Keaton Beach Fl.

2 years ago

Good video. More near / off shore info is appreciated

2 years ago

Really good info Wyatt. Thank you.

Alan Lautzenheiser
2 years ago

Really liked the info in the video myself and friends like fishing for bigger fish inshore and nearshore well out to 20 miles. I run a 24 ft Carolina Skiff and I’m base out of the 10,000 island area of Florida. Is king fish out here? I have not seen any in 3 years of fishing here . “Man I want to make this another fish on the list of the boat and grow my fishing experience. “


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