How To Catch Snook Off The Beach During The Summer


It’s snook time!

Catching snook from the shoreline during the summer is so underrated.

This is a great way to get your toes in the sand and snook on the end of your line!

So in this video, you’ll learn:

  • The best times and tides to fish for snook from the beach
  • How to position yourself for more hook-ups
  • What lures you must have to beach fish for snook
  • Presentation and retrieval tactics
  • Spots to focus on to find more snook off the beach

Check it out below!

Catching Snook From The Beach [VIDEO]

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We reviewed a ton of information so here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 0:44 – One of the most underrated ways to catch snook
  • 1:28 – Unique time of year
  • 1:56 – Much easier to catch these snook from the beach (not in a boat)
  • 2:28 – The best time to go catch snook from the beach
  • 3:24 – Best beach tides to fish for snook
  • 4:02 – You’d be surprised how little water snook need to feed in the surf
  • 4:45 – Incoming vs. outgoing tide (which one is better for snook?)
  • 5:28 – Positioning on the beach to cast for snook
  • 6:39 – If the water hits your toes, do this!
  • 7:40 – This is how far you need to be from where the snook are feeding
  • 8:02 – Best lures to use when fishing for snook on the beach
  • 9:07 – Use this lure to start
  • 10:15 – Choose your Slam Shady wisely based on the size profile of baitfish
  • 10:49 – Start with this retrieve and presentation
  • 12:04 – Best jerk shad to use for snook on the beach
  • 14:41 – Weedless setup for beach fishing
  • 17:24 – Make sure you use this line size if you want to land snook
  • 18:02 – One trick for not spooking snook
  • 19:10 – Tie this knot to connect your leaders (Here’s how to tie the blood knot)
  • 20:12 – Keep this lure in your back pocket
  • 22:12 – Here’s another lure you should try (and why)
  • 23:36 – It’s not fancy but this lure catches big snook
  • 25:39 – Conditions to use each lure
  • 26:42 – Use the gear you’ve got and catch a snook on the beach
  • 28:03 – What lb test braid you need for catching snook at the beach
  • 28:23 – Fish around this spot where snook will congregate
  • 30:01 – It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Here are the best lures and hooks to use when sight fishing for snook:


catch snook from the beach

No shoes, no boat, no problem!

You don’t need any special gear or fancy lures to target snook on the beach.

But you’ll want to know when to go, what to bring, and where to focus your time if you want to catch a snook in the surf.

Have any questions about beach fishing for snook?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who wants to target snook on the beach this summer, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Rod Holcomb
1 year ago

I fished for snook on the beach on Little Gaspirilla Island in June. Even though conditions weren’t great I did pretty good.
I recently went back (first week of September) and I did terrible. There was a lot of white bait. I used artificials.
In September vs. June, Have they left the beach?
Would you fish Snook on the beach after August??

Operation exploration
1 year ago

Why is white your preferred color for beach fishing? Also would something like a shrimp imitator be useful? Or maybe something like the new Zman kicker crabs?

2 years ago

On the east coast, on an incoming tide, do you cast your lure to the north or south?

Brett Laws
2 years ago

Luke / Justin, in place of the texas eye jig wouldn’t a texas rigged bait with a bullet sinker work, like bass fisherman use?

John Wittig
2 years ago

The wealth of knowledge ya’ll share in these videos is incredible. This one is great!

Curious if owner twist locks with the slam shady could work well in weedy conditions as an alternative to the texas eye?

The blood knot with a stronger leader connecting the jighead is a fantastic idea. I lost three nice snook recently on 20/30 mono. Will give it a try!

2 years ago

Especially with west wind and waves are breaking on Boca Grande beach?

2 years ago

How do you cast and keep lure or bait parallel to beach?

Dave - from NH
2 years ago

Great video. Wished you had shown some actual on the water video of you using the methods discussed. I’ve picked up particular things about speed retrieval, whether the bait is being twitched, popped, etc by seeing some of your videos that were filmed on the water.


Scott Walker
2 years ago

I’ve been out three times trying to use this info. The first time was a bust due to so much sea grass being in the water. Fouled hook every cast. The other two times I’ve not had so much as a nibble. I’m using a 1/4 oz trout eye with a four inch slam shady. I’m walking along the wave breaks and casting to ten o’clock and two and everything in between. I’ve been using a slow steady retrieve mostly. Just bad luck or is there something glaring in my technique? I’ve been on the water at sunrise.
Thanks for any input!

Mark Bailly
2 years ago

Great video. Will be trying for some snook this weekend in Melbourne Beach. What about trout and reds on the beach – can similar lures and techniques be used? Will trout and reds come up close to the shore like the snook?


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