Monster Snook Barely Landed Using SECRET NEW LURE


What a fight!!

I definitely should not have caught this fish.

There were several times throughout the fight where I thought, “This is it.”

But the pop of the line breaking never came.

Even after wrapping me around trees and my pedal drive, and after several acrobatic leaps through the air, she was still on.

And best of all, I got it all on film.

Check out the video below!

Incredible Snook Battle [VIDEO]

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What an awesome fight!

I’m so thankful I had a good hookset that kept the leader away from the snook’s mouth and gill plates.

This was my very first day trying out our new Slam Shady BOMBER and I’m definitely a huge fan.

The BOMBER is a 5″ paddletail in the Slam shady color pattern and if you’ve seen the video where I had to get out of my kayak and into the water to chase a snook around dock pilings, you might remember that I had the 3.5″ Slam Shady 2.0.

So why did I use the 5″ BOMBER now and the 3.5″ paddletail then?

That first catch happened in the spring when baitfish are smaller.

You always want to match the hatch, so in the winter, spring, and early summer, you want to use a smaller lure.

Later in the summer and in the fall when the baitfish are at their largest, you want to go with a larger lure, like the BOMBER.

You can get these two lures at our shop here:

Have any questions about which lure to choose and when?

Let me know down in the comments.

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Jeff Chancellor
3 years ago

what an awesome catch, and quite simply you kept your wits about you to untangle from the trees and keep the fight going. I almost thought it wouldn’t fit into your net. Keep filming!!!!

Stan Mitchell
3 years ago

WOW Tony what a monster… Awesome job you ARE the snookanater !!! LOL

Michael Foy
3 years ago

great video and congrats on a beautiful fish. I am in Florida (west coast Charlotte harbor) November thru mid may. I have all the sizes of the slam shady from the 3.5 to 5.0
Understanding from multiple videos that baitfish are at heir largest in the fall which is important for when I am in Florida.
My question is what determines the change in baitfish size and when? So when do I transition from using the 5.0 (Fall) to the 3.5 inch slam shady? What size artificial should I be using in winter? Is it Spring time ?March? when I should stop using bigger artificials and transition to smaller ones?
I realize I need to look at the bait that’s in the water but in the winter there isn’t as much around. So I didn’t know if water temps push the bigger bait out or what were the key factors.
Thank you

Pat Ogletree
3 years ago

You must be loving a good life because someone was on your side through that fight! I’ve lost a big red that got tangled up in my drive, heart breaking. That’s a nice snook!

Randal Jones
3 years ago

Simply love it! Tonyman way to go!

David Fender
3 years ago

Congratulations on that beast Tony

Raymond Bierschenk
3 years ago

Awesome! Nice work in the kayak!

George Layton
3 years ago

GREAT catch Tony, congrats !! I wonder what your heart rate & blood pressure were during that fight !!?!?!?!!!

Joseph Simonds
3 years ago

So SICK!!!! What a fight. Great job, Tony!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago

I was stressed for you Tony!! Way to get that slob snook in!!


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