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Do you know how to catch a snook from the beach?

Did you know there are only 2 lures that you need on a kayak?

And do you know the best way to cast a surf rod?

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  • The NEW Salt Strong Fishing Tackle Index
  • How To Rig Shrimp For Every Scenario
  • The difference between the Daiwa BG vs. BG MQ
  • A review of “The Snook Book”
  • How To Tie The Best Knot For Topwater Lures

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Inshore Saltwater Fishing Equipment Cheat Sheet [Rods, Reels, Lines, & Lures]

See the cheat sheet lessons showing the best fishing equipment for catching redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder from inshore fisheries.
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How To Catch Snook Off The Beach During The Summer

Have you ever caught a snook from the beach? You don't need a boat or any fancy equipment, but if you don't know the best...
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3 Tips For Casting Your Surf Rod Farther & More Accurately

Do you struggle to cast a surf rod far enough and accurately? Casting a surf rod is much different than casting an inshore rod so if you...
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The 2 Best Budget-Friendly Leader Lines (That Still Catch Fish)

Do you want a quality leader line that won't break the bank? You could spend a small fortune on certain brands of leader but you don't...
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How To Catch Fish Even When Dolphins Are Around

Do dolphins really turn off the bite in an area? Fish may get a little spooky when dolphins are around but you can still catch them if you...
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Here Are The Only 2 Lures You Need When Kayak Fishing

Do you know the two lures that you need when kayak fishing? Since you cannot take a ton of tackle with you on a kayak, you must have...
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How To Untwist Your Braided Line To Prevent Tangles & Wind Knots

Have you noticed your braided fishing line gets twisted after several days of fishing hard? This is bound to happen but you can easily...
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The Salt Strong Inshore Fishing Tackle Index (Best Value & Performance Gear)

Do you want to know the best value inshore saltwater fishing tackle on the market right now? We've put together an index of tackle that...
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Daiwa BG Vs. Daiwa BG MQ (Which One Is For You?)

Is the Daiwa BG MQ really worth the extra cost over the Daiwa BG? There are many features that set these two reels apart but the biggest...
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Rigging Live Shrimp Through The Head Vs. The Tail (Why, When, & How)

Do you hook your live shrimp through the head or the tail? Both are effective ways to catch a ton of fish but if you are not changing...
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“The Snook Book” Review (How To Guarantee You’ll Catch More Snook)

Is this the best snook fishing book ever written? This book has changed the way we fish and has taught us the basic principle of...
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The #1 Knot To Use With Topwater Lures (To Catch Big Fish)

Are you tying the right knot on your topwater lures? If you are using a snug knot then you may be missing strikes but if you change it to...
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Picking Kayak Fishing Spots [Hatteras, NC Spot Dissection Request]

In this Spot Dissection we will be answering a Spot Analysis request from the Insider Community page. This request comes from new Insider Member Tysen...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 6-17-21 [Foul Weather Fishing Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: 0:00:41 – Catching fish with kids and...
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New Lure Testing Trip [Insider Report: On-The-Water Tactics + Map Analysis]

On this trip I was testing out some new lures we have coming out soon. I will be discussing what I was using and tactics...
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