THIS Is The Best Soft Plastic Lure For Summer Trout


What could be the best soft plastic lure for summer trout??

My summer game plan usually centers around early morning flats fishing for seatrout and redfish targeting flooded structure and grass lines.

Check out more in this awesome catch footage below!!

The Best Soft Plastic Lure For Summer Trout [VIDEO]

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My plan for summer trips usually begins very early in the morning fishing some topwater lures or subsurface plugs through the morning as the sun rises.

Then as the tide changes, the wind picks up, and the sun hits its height, I’ll move into more protected areas around creek mouths.

Generally, this is the trend during this time of the year.

There are few better lures than the Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail.

Once I put the lure on the end of my line, the trout couldn’t get enough of it!

On this particular trip, I noticed most of the strikes I was getting came right along the grass line.

The fish were holding right along the grass line to quickly jump out and crush bait as it passes by.

It is critical to look for areas with these features that give both predatory fish and baitfish a place to stage.



Don’t forget the magic that a Slam Shady 2.0 paddletail can create!

Flooded structure near grass and along protected shorelines were the ticket on this late summer trip.

Do you have any more questions about the best soft plastic lure for summer trout?

Have you had similar success using the Slam Shady 2.0?

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Thomas Hall
1 year ago

Great lessons Richard. I completely agree. If the only lures I take with me are the Slam Shady 2.0 in all 3 colors I will usually have a successful day. Of course Dr. Juice is par the course. As we moved into summer fishing I have moved up to the larger Slam Shady, but using the same color scheme.

Salt Strong! Thomas

Richard Proctor
1 year ago

Great info Richard. Thanks for taking us back to where it all started! Quick question- what retrieve were you using?

Sean Eubanks
1 year ago

Hey Richard,
Curious as to why you don’t like spot lock? I am looking at a trolling motor and trying to figure out if spot lock is worth the extra $500.

Steven Free
1 year ago

I do like the 2.0 slam shady it’s great on a spinnerbait then I dye the tail chartruese with spike it glo makes it more visible in murky water here in Jax fl but I also like the live target slow roll shiner in either white or black and green the realism is uncanny and I like the fact that they have three small holes on top and underneath for hook placement and the last hole underneath is a perfect place to add a rattle to it making it more noticed caught tons of fish on this lure and it also takes well to spike it glo dye thanks for the opinion and all you do😉

Matt Lanier
1 year ago

Solid info on those trout brotha! Way to crush em in this heat! Trout bite has been tough lately! Way to work em!

Jelani Thornton
1 year ago

Great, info. Nice video. Thank you, SS

Scott Westgate
1 year ago

Good, concise information. I would enjoy reading more on how to rig these baits for different presentation.


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